Who is Beth Mowins? All you need to know about new ESPN Monday Night Football announcer

Beth Mowins ESPN
Beth Mowins is the newest NFL commentator for ESPN. Pic credit: ESPN

Beth Mowins was the new voice you heard last night on Monday Night Football. She’s joining the ESPN team as an NFL commentator even though she’s worked for the network for a while.

Beth has an impressive resume, including being the first female broadcaster of an NFL game when the Los Angeles Chargers and the Denver Broncos played the first game in a double-header opening last year.

Needless to say, she knows her football and she kept up with everyone else on the ESPN team. While Beth Mowins’ voice may be new to some NFL viewers, she’s actually been a broadcaster for ESPN for a long time. She’s covered a variety of sports, including men’s and women’s college sports.

Mowins has covered college football for ESPN since 2005, giving her 13 years behind the microphone as a football commentator. She works both ESPN and ABC Saturday games during the fall with her co-hosts, Anthony Becht and Rocky Boiman. Or maybe you recognize her from regular season men’s and women’s basketball.

This year, Beth Mowins celebrates 24 years with ESPN. She joined the company back in 1994, covering basketball, softball, soccer, and volleyball. She’s been the commentator behind the Women’s College World Series for more than two decades. But her Twitter account clearly indicates that football is one of her major passions.

Erin Andrews, who is often on the sidelines at the NFL games talking to coaches and players, was very proud of how Beth Mowins did during Monday night’s game. Many others noticed that a woman’s voice was on their screens, immediately searching online to figure out who it was. But at the same time, other viewers were not happy with the change in commentators.

Even though viewers may need some time to adjust to Beth Mowins on their screens, they should know that they are getting the best of the best. Mowins accepted the CoSIDA Jake Wade Award for outstanding media contributions in 2014, and she’s been inducted into the Greater Syracuse Hall of Fame in 2009.

Beth Mowins may return next Monday as a commentator when the Seattle Seahawks take on the Chicago Bears. Kick-off is at 8:15 pm EST.

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