Who is Alvester Martin from Vivica’s Black Magic?

Alvester Martin in his promo pic from Vivica's Black Magic on Lifetime
Alvester Martin in his promo pic from Vivica’s Black Magic on Lifetime. Pic: Lifetime

Alvester Martin has been one of the most controversial figures in Season 1 of Vivica’s Black Magic on Lifetime, after feuds with both choreographer Darrin Henson and Vivica A. Fox.

But with his hunky good looks, impressive moves and chiselled torso, he got many fans weak at the knees.

Fans have been asking who he is — so we delved a little into his background.

Alvester actually joined Vivica’s Black Magic after a long run of success as a dancer and actor, with his sights set on smashing it in the music industry too.

In the past he’s toured with a whole host of stars including everyone from Mariah Carey to Beyonce and Rihanna, and performed with a long line-up of top female musicians including Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Rowland and Queen Latifah.

On screen he’s appeared in Stomp the Yard, Footloose, and Center Stage, but it could be in the music sphere that you’ll next see his name in lights.

His R&B single Overdose was just released, and it’s an impressive offering — check out the video below.

In fact, despite making waves as a dancer, it’s always been his plan to make it into music. As he says on his website: “When I first moved to LA, I came to sing.

“That move got my foot in the door as a background dancer for a lot of A-list celebrities, but singing has always been my greatest passion.”

Alvester is originally from Miami, but moved to LA to pursue his dreams — and his star is constantly on the rise.

He has an ever-growing social media following with more than 45,000 fans on Instagram and 8,000 fans on Twitter.

Alvester’s trademark look is short-back-and-sides with a groomed beard. Thanks to his dancing, he also has an incredibly honed physique — which is perfect for showing off his tattoos, of which he has several.

Watch this space.

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