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Who is Adriel on Warrior Nun?

Who is Adriel on Warrior Nun?
One of the big twists in Warrior Nun Season 1 involved Adriel. Pic credit: Netflix

Warrior Nun hit Netflix last week (read our review of Warrior Nun here) and brought the popular comic book to the streaming service in a live-action adaptation. 

However, what fans might have noticed is that the ending was a massive cliffhanger, with a battle beginning, and then the end credits rolling.

While the new Netflix action-fantasy series did not resolve the battle that raged through the first season, it did answer one question — and that was who Adriel was on Warrior Nun.

Major spoilers follow from Warrior Nun Season 1.

Who is Adriel on Warrior Nun?

The plot of Warrior Nun follows a group of secret warriors for the Catholic Church known as the Order of the Cruciform Sword.

They are a group of warrior nuns kept secret from society and most in the Church as well. Their job is simple. They protect the Earth from demons and monsters, as well as other dangers.

The story told to the Warrior Nuns is that this group all started when a fierce warrior named Areala died in battle. An angel called Adriel saw this and gave her his halo, placing it in her back and bringing her back to fight on.

She then had mysterious powers and put together an army of women to help her fight. These were the Warrior Nuns.

Whenever the halo bearer dies, it is removed from her body and passed on to the next leader. This transfer has happened throughout history.

In the first episode of Warrior Nun, Shannon — one of the greatest — dies in a battle with mercenaries. A nun placed the halo in the body of a dead girl in the church morgue, and she comes back to life and becomes the new, reluctant leader.

The first season focuses on her unwillingness to take on this mission. However, soon she accepts her fate and sets out to find the tomb of the angel Adriel and recover his bones to stop the demon onslaught that has infected Earth.

There is one problem.

The story told to the Warrior Nuns was a lie.

Who is Adriel really?

Adriel was not an angel.

The entire first season’s interest in finding a portal to Heaven was based on misinformation.

Adriel is a being from an alternate dimension. He escaped his world through a portal, chased by one of the monsters that attacked the Warrior Nuns earlier in the season.

When Lillith is taken by the demon and seemed to have died, she eventually returns to our world and makes a strange comment that Adriel was a liar and a thief.

While this won’t be known until later seasons, it seems that Adriel could have stolen the “halo,” and the monsters were trying to get it back.

Adriel put it in Areala to hide it from the monsters seeking it out. He is no angel, and as the final episode of Season 1 showed, he is still alive almost 500 centuries later, and he wants it back.

Plus, he was buried in a tomb that he was not able to pass through, so the Catholic Church knew what he was many, many years ago.

When Warrior Nun Season 2 arrives, it is clear that none of the warriors are safe, as Adriel wants his halo back, and they know they can’t trust the Church they have sworn to protect.

Warrior Nun Season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.