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Who is Aaron Crow on America’s Got Talent?

Aaron Crow on AGT
Aaron Crow on the June 5 episode of America’s Got Talent Pic credit: NBC

Aaron Crow appears on America’s Got Talent during the audition round of the show. His first episode comes on June 5, bringing a lot of excitement to the crowd and NBC audience. He is also ready to give one of the judges a huge scare.

America’s Got Talent Season 13 set the bar really high with its premiere.  A full recap is available for the episode, which also saw Tyra Banks push the golden buzzer for an act.

So who is Aaron Crow on America’s Got Talent? As seen in the video below, he can best be described as a danger act. He begins the performance by pulling two people out of the crowd. Crow then has judge Howie Mandel join him on the stage.

Crow spreads out the people and gives one a square board, one a closed paper bag, and one a pineapple placed on his head (Howie). He then proceeds to lift a hot candle and dump the wax on his eyes. The point is that it seels his eyes closed as he is about to perform the trick.

With his eyes sufficiently covered in wax and then a thick bandage and tin foil, Aaron Crow pulled out a switchblade. He then proceeded to maneuver across the stage and stab the closed bag before returning to his spot. He repeated the trick with metal nunchucks to break the board and a sword to cut the pineapple, causing the crowd to gasp.

It was an intense performance, but will it be enough to send him on to the next round? NBC provided this early sneak peek in order to generate some interest for the show. It has social media buzzing and asking “Who is Aaron Crow on America’s Got Talent?”

Known as a mentalist, magician, and danger act, Crow appeared on a past season of Britain’s Got Talent. His performing nicknames include The Silent Mentalist, The Warrior, and Mystical. The act he performs during the June 5 episode of America’s Got Talent is the same one he performed on Britain’s Got Talent. The Belgian artist also has a Facebook page set up to spur interest in his appearances.

So do the AGT judge like him enough to push him through to the next round? Viewers will find out soon.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC.