Who got voted off Survivor tonight? Season 38, episode 13 recap

Rick Devens on Survivor Season 38, episode 13
Rick Devens on Survivor Season 38, episode 13. Pic credit: CBS

The person who got voted off Survivor tonight has been revealed. But first, a quick Season 38, episode 13 recap of the show is needed.

At Tribal Council during the last episode, it was Ron Clark who got voted off Survivor. It was a blindside vote, as people were targeting Rick Devens. Instead, Rick played a Hidden Immunity Idol to ensure his own safety.

The final six castaways for Season 38 became Victoria Baamonde, Rick Devens, Aurora McCreary, Gavin Whitson, Julie Rosenberg, and Lauren O’Connell. Someone is also expected to emerge from Extinction Island to re-join the group, at some point.

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Survivor Season 38, episode 13 recap

Upon returning to camp, Rick tried to convince everyone that he was gifted the Hidden Immunity Idol from someone at Extinction Island. Lauren still had her own Immunity Idol, which she found earlier at camp, so she didn’t think Rick was telling the truth about his.

After Rick and Lauren had a chat, Rick set off to find a new Immunity Idol. He was successful pretty quickly, at least in the way the editing was shown during Season 38, episode 13. This was another way for Rick to ensure his safety at an upcoming Tribal Council.

Reward Challenge

The winner of the Reward Challenge would be taken by helicopter for a tour of the islands. A buffet and an open bar would await them at the end of the tour. It was something all six people wanted to win.

Gavin won the Reward Challenge. Host Jeff Probst said he could choose one person to join him. He chose Victoria. Jeff then allowed Gavin to choose a second person. He chose Lauren. Rick, Aurora, and Julie were sent back to camp with nothing. Aurora was displeased.

Following the reward, all of the castaways each received letters that they had written to themselves before the game started. That included the people on Extinction Island. Some of them were very emotional reading through their opening statements.

Individual Immunity Challenge

The Immunity Challenge was a bit of an obstacle course with a word puzzle at the end of it. Several of the castaways, including Aurora, expressed frustration when they saw the challenge.

Rick Devens ended up winning the Individual Immunity Idol. He was the primary target again, but would now have guaranteed safety at Tribal Council.

Who got voted off Survivor tonight?

The Season 38, episode 13 recap comes to an end with the name of who got voted off Survivor tonight (May 8). There were just five people at risk of joining the Extinction Island jury.

At the Tribal Council, Rick stated that he was going to use his Hidden Immunity Idol to protect Julie. After the votes were made, he did not. As for the votes, Rick’s bluff worked, as the person who got voted off Survivor tonight was Aurora McCreary.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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