Who got voted off Survivor tonight? Season 38, episode 11 recap includes Wardog explosion

Wardog on new episode of Survivor.
Wardog on new episode of Survivor. Pic credit: CBS

The Survivor recap for Season 38, episode 11 picks up following the second Tribal Council from last week. The latest episode started that same night, with Wardog going after Gavin Whitson about the vote that had just happened. Gavin wasn’t pleased about Wardog’s explosion, and he took that information to other castaways.

Regarding that last episode and something which might affect who got voted off Survivor tonight, there were two Tribal Councils. David Wright was sent to Extinction Island first and then he was followed by Kelley Wentworth later in the episode. That left just eight people on the primary tribe.

Ron Clark told Julie Rosenberg about the extra vote given to him by Aurora McCreary when she feared that she might be getting voted out. Julie seemed pleased about the information as it could help both of them moving forward.

Reward Challenge

The tribe was split into two teams of four people to compete for the latest reward. Rick Devens, Lauren O’Connell, Wardog, and Julie were on one team. The other team was Victoria Baamonde, Gavin, Aurora, and Ron.

Rick, Lauren, Wardog, and Julie won the reward, which involved being whisked away on a boat to enjoy mud baths, showers, and good food.

Extinction Island

Kelley arrived on the island and stated that she would “beat myself up about this for a long time.” When she was sent packing at Tribal Council, she still had a Hidden Immunity Idol in her possession.

Immunity Challenge

The final eight Immunity Challenge involved working buoys through an obstacle course. The first one to finish the course and a puzzle at the end of it would win immunity and be safe at Tribal Council.

Rick Devens blew through the challenge, slowing down only a little bit at the puzzle, but he eventually completed it and won the Individual Immunity Idol. Heading into the challenge, a plan had been forming to vote him out. That plan was now done.

Tribal Council: Who got voted off Survivor tonight?

Eight castaways were up at the Tribal Council and no Immunity Idols got played. After a lot of debate, host Jeff Probst began reading off the votes. The 12th person voted off Survivor was Wardog.

Survivor: Edge of Extinction airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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