Who got voted off Survivor tonight? Season 38, episode 10 recap includes two Tribal Councils

Survivor Season 38, episode 10 had two Tribal Councils
Survivor Season 38, episode 10 had two Tribal Councils. Pic credit: CBS

The Survivor recap from Season 38, episode 10 is a big one. Two castaways got voted off Survivor tonight, with two Tribal Councils taking the cast one step closer to deciding a winner this season.

The end of the last episode provided a surprise for CBS viewers, as Julia Carter was voted off Survivor. It was shocking because she didn’t even seem to be at risk as the tribe prepared to vote. She made mistakes when answering questions from host Jeff Probst, though, and she was sent to Extinction Island.

Only 10 people were left in the game when the new episode began (not counting those people still on Extinction Island).

First Immunity Challenge

Before the challenge began, Jeff Probst offered beer, root beer, and pizza to people who chose to sit out. Lauren O’Connell, Victoria Baamonde, Kelley Wentworth, and Ron Clark decided to sit out and enjoy the feast. Could their confidence in their safety be their undoing?

Six people were left to compete in a challenge that involved balancing water above a lit fire. The object was to keep their fire from going out. David Wright and Aurora McCreary were the final two people in the challenge. David stumbled and Aurora won her second Individual Immunity Challenge.

First Tribal Council

Several people saw this as the time to get David out of the game. It turned out that losing the Immunity Challenge was a huge deal, as David Wright was voted off of Survivor.

Extinction Island

David got to work right away at Extinction Island. Using a clue, he found an advantage that he could send to someone still in the game. He sent that advantage to Rick Devens.

Second Immunity Challenge

At this Immunity Challenge, the castaways had to finesse a ball down a paddle and get five balls into slots. The advantage that Rick received was that he only had to finish four of them. It was huge, as Rick Devens won the Individual Immunity Idol.

Who got voted off Survivor tonight? Second Tribal Council

At the second Tribal Council of the evening, Kelley and Aurora received all of the votes. When Jeff Probst counted them, it was Kelley Wentworth who got voted off Survivor tonight. She then decided that she wanted to keep playing and took the path to Extinction Island.

Survivor: Edge of Extinction airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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