Who got voted off Survivor last week? Lauren O’Connell passed out

Lauren O'Connell on Survivor Season 38
Lauren O’Connell on Survivor Season 38. Pic credit: CBS

During the April 3 episode of Survivor, a lot of attention was spent on Lauren O’Connell. She became one of the more polarizing castaways of Season 38, but this episode focused more on her health issues than anything else.

A new Individual Immunity Challenge took place during Survivor 38, episode 8, in which the castaways had to balance a block on their heads. This was done while simultaneously balancing on a perch. Lauren spoke about not feeling well, then stated that she couldn’t see.

With just three people left in the Immunity Challenge, Lauren O’Connell passed out and the medical team had to come work on her.

While she bounced back quickly and regained consciousness, Lauren had been eliminated from the competition. Aurora McCreary ended up beating out Victoria Baamonde to win safety.

Who got voted off Survivor last week?

Aubry Bracco, Reem Daly, Chris Underwood, and Joe Anglim were the four castaways surviving on Extinction Island at the beginning of the episode. By the end of the night, one more person would join them on that unforgivable island.

Several names came up as the episode approached the next Tribal Council, including that of Lauren O’Connell and Kelley Wentworth. Both ladies ended up safe when the votes were counted.

The castaway who got voted off Survivor last week was Eric Hafemann. He was completely blindsided and it may have been a very surprising result for the CBS viewers, as well.

At the beginning of the April 10 Survivor episode, Eric will be shown joining Aubry, Reem, Chris, and Joe on Extinction Island.

Below is a video of the castaways submitting their votes during Survivor 38, episode 8.

From the CBS previews for the new and upcoming episode of the show, it looks like viewers are going to be in for a good night of drama.

The season is starting to wind down, meaning twists and turns are coming as the castaways start to figure out who they want to have in their final alliances.

Make sure to tune in for Survivor 38, episode 9 on April 10.

Survivor: Extinction Island airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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