Who got voted off Love Island USA last night?

Love Island USA villa
The Love Island USA villa. Pic credit: CBS

America voted, and two couples ended up at the bottom of the barrel on last night’s episode of Love Island USA.

For once too, the votes determined the couple that is sent home. Previously the islanders were tasked with choosing who got the boot from the Fiji villa.

Viewers watched as Arielle Vandenberg sauntered into the villa once again to the dismay of the couples. She got right to the point listing the duos that were safe.

Zac and Elizabeth, as well as Alexandra and Dylan, were of course at the top of the list. Next was Ray and Caro, which was not surprising either. They are quickly becoming a legit duo.

Kyra and Jared were the fourth and final safe couple. Those two making the list was shocking. They have only been a couple for a few days. Plus, they rarely interact on screen and she doesn’t really seem all that into him.

Therefore, the fact Kyra and Jared were safe is likely more about America’s dislike for the other two couples. Emily and Weston, plus Yamen and Aissata were left shaking in their boots as Love Island USA ended.

Fans have to wait until tonight to find out which least favorite couple America is sending home. The odds are stacked against both duos.

America has not been a fan of Yamen’s since he ditched Alana for Christen. People further thought he was a player when he expressed his feeling for Christen as she was leaving the villa. However, the second she was out the door, Yamen was like Christen who and worming his way into Aissata’s heart.

Viewers are quickly realizing Weston might not be the good guy fans original adored. He and Emily are a newly formed couple, but the cowboy has quickly gone from fan-favorite to player.

Weston ditched Mallory for Katrina because of his strong feelings. Katrina was tossed aside by Weston when Kelsey came in, again because of his deep feelings for her. Then most recently, he left Kelsey for his connection with Emily. He insists the latter is the one he has been waiting for since arriving in Fiji.

Tonight, one couple will be sent home thanks to America’s vote. It will all come down to which man was hated the most during the voting time period.

Unfortunately, the ladies are going to be a causality of the guys’ actions that have caused America to dislike them.

Who do you think is going home? Weston and Emily or Yamen and Aissata?

Love Island USA airs weekdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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