Who does Kyra pick on Love Island USA? Premiere ends on massive cliffhanger

Kyra Green
Kyra Green is ready to choose her partner. Pic credit: CBS

Kyra Green rocked the cast of Love Island USA during last night’s premiere, as she walked into the villa in Fiji with confidence, a sexy body, and a desire to meet the man of her dreams. And since all of the guys were paired up, the ladies were worried about losing their partners to Kyra.

The episode ended in a major cliffhanger, as Kyra was about to make her decision about who she wanted to be paired up with. As it turns out, we didn’t get to hear her decision but based on some previous comments, she has a few favorites. We have to wait until tonight’s episode of Love Island USA to learn about her pick, but there are some clear frontrunners.


Early in the episode, Kyra seemed interested in Yamen. The two had a great conversation on a couch, where she revealed she had previously been in a long-term relationship with a woman. While they may have had a great connection, fans were mixed about Kyra picking him and potentially ruining his chances with other women on the show.

Despite the mixed feelings about Kyra picking Yamen, one person did feel that they could be a good match and that Kyra picked him over the other guys.


Another one of her top three is Weston. She really liked how he carried himself and how they got along. Interestingly, people seemed much more supportive in Kyra picking Weston over Yamen.


But as the episode started to wrap up, Kyra suddenly started taking an interest in Cashel. Even though Cashel and Caro didn’t hit it off immediately as Caro judged Cashel for being too shy, they didn’t waste time getting to know each other. But Kyra didn’t seem to care that she could possibly break up a stronger couple with her decision.

Fans had a few things to say about Kyra’s interest in Cashel, and despite only watching a single episode, viewers were protective of Caro’s relationship with Cashel.

Based on Green’s comments last night, it seems Cashel is high on the list.

Interestingly, in the previews for tonight’s episode, one of the guys makes a comment that Kyra’s decision came as a surprise. So, does that mean she picked Cashel and didn’t care about Caro’s feelings or their developing relationship? Did she pick Yamen, even though she appeared more interested in Cashel and Weston? Or did she pick someone completely different?

Tonight’s episode will reveal it all.

Love Island USA airs weekdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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