Who died on the New Amsterdam season finale?

New Amsterdam finale
The New Amsterdam finale left many questions about who died. Pic credit: Eric Liebowitz/NBC

New Amsterdam wrapped its first season last night on NBC with quite the cliffhanger. The finale ended with the birth of Luna, an ambulance crashing, and a pipe-bomb explosion that left many of the characters’ lives in limbo.

The season finale provided plenty of drama, but few answers as to who died. As it turns out, only the executive producers may know.

“Indeed, someone dies, as you can see by the sheet. David has a great way of revealing who that is on the first episode of next year, but even the cast doesn’t really know,” Peter Horton, episode director, revealed in an interview with TV Line.

During the finale, a lawyer stole an ambulance and drove it straight into another ambulance, carrying several of the main characters. The scene then showed someone under a white sheet, indicating that someone passed away.

“No, they don’t, and to be fair, more than one person dies. You have seen the lawyer who stole the ambulance, he’s clearly dead. But we don’t want people to think, like, we’re playing a fast one and he’s the one who died. In addition to him, one of our key cast is dead, and that’s the question for the hiatus,” David Schulner added during the TV Line interview, revealing that they didn’t want to cheap out and kill off a single episode character.

Schulner then adds that a decision has been made about who is killed off, but the answer won’t be revealed until Season 2 of New Amsterdam, which is set to premiere in September 2019 on NBC along with the rest of the fall lineup.

“Given all of the social media today, and how everyone’s talking about everything, we really felt we needed to keep this sealed tight until it’s revealed next year,” Horton adds, revealing that the stars don’t know whether they have a job to come back to until the season starts filming again.

“We’ll tell them right before they get their script,” Schulner adds.

The episode showed Max and Luna escaping the ambulance crash, so they appear to be fine. Georgia Goodwin, played by Lisa O’Hare is unconscious.

Since the show is based on a true story and Max’s wife is still alive and they have more than one child, it’s our guess that she won’t be the one to die.

Dr. Lauren Bloom, played by Janet Montgomery, is near death when paramedics arrive, so there’s a possibility she’s the one.

Dr. Helen Sharpe, played by Freema Agyeman, could be the one who won’t make it as she disappeared. Of course, there’s always the possibility that someone else won’t make it, someone unrelated to the crash.

New Amsterdam will return in the fall with Season 2 on NBC.

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