Who are the winners of Love Island USA 2019?

Who won Love Island USA 2019?
Love Island USA has crowned the winning couple. Pic credit: Colin Young-Wolf/CBS

After four crazy intense weeks, Love Island USA came to an end last night. The CBS summer reality TV show was full of drama, disappointment, heartache, and, of course, love.

Four couples not only found true love, at least for now but also ended up in the finals. America voted one pair the fan-favorite, giving the couple a chance to win $100,000.

Alexandra and Dylan, Weston and Emily, Caro and Ray, as well as Zac and Elizabeth made it to the finale. However, there was truly only two couples fighting for America’s favorite.

Emily and Weston

Weston and Emily have been drama since the day she entered the Fiji villa. The cowboy had hopped from new lady to new lady for the previous three weeks. Fans were not convinced his connection with Emily was real after his sordid history.

She was merely collateral damage because of her romance with Weston. They have been continuously in the least favorite category since the day Emily chose the cowboy.

It was not surprising they came in fourth place. Honestly, if Kyra had stuck with Cashel, there is no way Weston and Emily would have even been in the finale.

Ray and Caro

Caro and Ray, while cute and appearing to have a connection, literally just got together. Besides their romance being new, fans have been over Caro since day one. Her baby voice and man hopping put a target on her back.

As for Ray, well, he was only in the Fiji villa for a little over a week. Fans did not get a chance to get to know him.

Unfortunately for Ray, his attachment to Caro automatically put him at the bottom of the barrel. During the finale, they earned the third-place spot, which only means fans liked them better than Weston and Emily.

Alexandra and Dylan

These two have been an item since the first week. It was clear from the second Dylan strutted into the villa that Alexandra set her sights on him. They have been endgame for weeks, with very few cracks in their relationship armor.

Alexandra and Dylan had a good shot at being crowned the winners. The duo is clearly in love. They are boyfriend and girlfriend official and are planning a future outside the Fiji villa.

There is truly only one reason Dylan and Alexandra did not earn first place; Zac and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth and Zac

The Love Island USA 2019 winners are Zac and Elizabeth. It should come as no surprise that these two were voted America’s favorite couple. They have been the real deal from day one, creating one of the most genuine love connections on the CBS show.

Zac poured his heart out to her on the balcony, where they shared their first kiss, sealing their fate as the favorite couple in the villa. Unlike Caro and Ray or Weston and Emily, Elizabeth and her man are a true love match. There is something about Elizabeth and Zac that oozes to viewers that they are the real deal.

Elizabeth further proved she and Zac were there for love and not money. She randomly drew the $100,000 winner card and, of course, chose to split it with her boyfriend.

Congrats to Zac and Elizabeth! Who is ready for Season 2 of Love Island USA?

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