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Where was The Outsider filmed for Stephen King HBO series?

Where was The Outsider filmed for Stephen King HBO series?
The Outsider on HBO was shot in Georgia. Pic credit: HBO

Stephen King’s The Outsider hit HBO tonight and brought a mystery that was impossible to solve.

Someone brutalized and murdered a child in a small town and the evidence was clear that it was a little league baseball coach. However, there was also evidence, just as conclusive, that he was 60 miles away at the time of the murder.

The novel itself was set in a small town called Flint, Oklahoma, but the HBO series changed the location.

Where was The Outsider filmed?

The Outsider on HBO moved the action from Flint, Oklahoma, to a small town in Georgia.

It also made sure to film the series in Georgia in and around Atlanta, meaning it was shot around the same area that The Walking Dead was filmed — both shows taking place in the small town and woods of Atlanta.

The Outsider was shot from February to June 2019 and many of the scenes were shot in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The small-town look was shot in the suburb of Lawrenceville, which is 30 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta.

There were also scenes shot in Decatur.

Also included in the filming of The Outsider for HBO were scenes shot in Stockbridge and Barrow County, Georgia.

The second episode featured a gunfight as the accused murderer was headed to the courthouse for his arraignment. This likely took place in Barrow County, which is the location of the Barrow County Courthouse.

There also were rumored gunfights filmed in Stockbridge, Georgia, and that is likely still to come in the series.

With the change from Oklahoma to Georgia, that also probably caused other changes to the locations between the Stephen King novel and The Outsider on HBO. In the book, they went to Texas to investigate, but it appears they are changing Texas to Ohio on TV.

The first two episodes of The Outsider air on Jan. 12 on HBO and subsequent episodes will air every Sunday at 10/9c.

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