Where is When Calls The Heart filmed? A look inside MacInnes Farm

MacInnes Farms, the location for When Calls The Heart
When Calls The Heart, Hope Valley. Pic Credit: Hallmark Channel

When Calls The Heart is on Season 6 and going strong. Fans are loving the new characters, the humor, and the life lessons that the show includes.

When it comes to fact versus fiction, many fans are wondering where the show is filmed. There’s the perfect backdrop, the buildings, and the beautiful countryside that really makes Hope Valley, well, Hope Valley. So where can we find Hope Valley in real life?

Finding Hope Valley

The backdrop of Hope Valley really sets the scene of the 1900s town. The buildings on set are rustic and fit the style of what many people think of when they think of a town in the early 1900s. Away from the buildings, there are plenty of open fields, forests, and other natural areas that we see in When Calls The Heart.

The set of Hope Valley is the Jamestown Movie Set in Langley, British Columbia, about 45 minutes south of Vancouver. The movie set is part of MacInnes Farm, where the owners even offer tours of the set.

The set includes several buildings, such as the saloon, Mountie outpost, and cafe. The Huffington Post notes that these are not just facades, but the buildings have full interiors decorated with antique pieces for the time period. The Mountie outpost even includes jail cells!

The buildings were designed to be spacious enough for camera crews while appearing like the smaller homes you might find in an old coal town. The cast and crew definitely do a great job bringing the town of Hope Valley to life for fans of the show, and the authentic decor and period style buildings create the perfect setting.

MacInnes Farm’s community impact

Melanie MacInnes’s parents own and work MacInnes farm today. Melanie tells the story of her parents working hard their whole lives on this farm, never able to make ends meet. Fortunately, the movie industry found the farm and the family is hoping to turn things around.

Scouts for Scary Movie 4 were the first to notice the area, and then the movies kept coming. Melanie MacInnes says they still have a lot of work to do to get their farm going strong, but the income from the movies helps their family a lot.

MacInnes Farm offers a wonderful backdrop for shows like When Calls The Heart, especially since the farming aspect doesn’t get in the way of filming. The MacInnes family works and farms as they please and the production of the show works around them and uses their fields as backdrops.

Melanie MacInnes says that filming When Calls The Heart has been a great opportunity for the farm and local residents. The farm offers a hops harvesting event, where people will pick hops and talk, coming together as a community, just like we would see in When Calls The Heart.

When Calls the Heart airs on Sundays at 8/7c on the Hallmark Channel. 

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