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Where is the island of Nevis from The Laundromat located?

Gary Oldman and Antonio Banderas from The Laundromat
Gary Oldman and Antonio Banderas from The Laundromat. Pic credit: Netflix

Steven Soderbergh is back with a new directorial feature that brings him another ensemble cast led by the great Meryl Streep.

In the film, Streep’s character, Ellen Martin, has a loved one pass away in a freak accident and the insurance will not pay for reasons involving laundering offshore money. One of these offshore locales is called Nevis and since the film hit Netflix, viewers have been curious about the setting.

Well, look no further. Here is everything to know about the island of Nevis from the Netflix film, The Laundromat.

Where is the island of Nevis from The Laundromat located?

According to CNN, Nevis is located in the Caribbean. Even though it has the same picturesque beauty of the rest of that area, it’s a little bit like your great-great-grandmother — a really cool lady who is slightly behind in the times with some cool stories no one thinks to ask about.

And unlike other islands in the area, there really is no room for someone who wants to be a stereotypical tourist, because the island itself doesn’t have tourist traps. If one is an introvert looking for a place where they won’t have to talk to anyone, or even leave the room, Nevis is the place.

The climate is conducive to delicious spices and other things that are grown in the garden. So. if one is a foodie, it may be worth a visit. If travelers are even more ready to give up hard stresses, like adult decision making, they may just want to move there, because people who live in the small town usually ask the village elders (apparently that’s a thing) permission before they do anything big — like tie the knot. So, if you’re tired of making your own life decisions, maybe you should just pack a bag.

More About the island of Nevis from The Laundromat

The Guardian explains that Nevis has another secret. For years the uber-rich have found a way to cheat money out of the government, utilizing bank accounts in other places to hide their riches. Years of financial struggles across the board have forced politicians to bring the hammer down on places that were once protectors of the elite and their money. Fear of reprisal left no room to hide anymore, so banks had to come clean about exactly how much of whose money they were hiding.

And the one place the Kardashian’s of the world could still run to if they were so inclined? Quaint, little, behind-the-times Nevis, whose fear of the powerful means they still keep secrets. If someone is paying that Nigerian prince to keep his company afloat, chances are that they are doing it through Nevis because the laws on the books are vague and even criminal.

Of course, the islanders see none of this money as it belongs to an entitled minority in other countries across the globe. The Guardian puts it simply as “Secrecy pays.”

And when you have millions in dirty money, Nevis is the place to hide it. Thanks to Nevis being its own keeper of the keys, it can make up its own laws and there is nothing anyone can really do to stop it. This is the reason why the real-life lawyers (played by Gary Oldman and Antonio Banderas) probably used it to offshore their funds in the film.

Regardless of the misuse of the banking laws in this isolated location, it seems to be a beautiful place with a strong getaway atmosphere for travelers who seek personal time.

The Laundromat is now streaming on Netflix.

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