Hyperdrive location: Where is the Netflix original series filmed?

Hyperdrive filming location in Eastman Business Park
The Hyperdrive Netflix original series takes place in Rochester, New York. Pic credit: Netflix

This week Netflix unleashed an inventive competition show unlike anything else called Hyperdrive. The show takes the concepts of popular shows like American Ninja Warrior and puts them inside the driver’s seat of a race car.

Competitors then compete on an obstacle course where they have to utilize driving skills like drifting, speed, and car durability to survive and win. As fun as it looks, nothing about it seems easy.

The location used is quite large and has enough space for extensive courses, and many viewers might wonder where Hyperdrive is filmed.

Here is what Netflix viewers should know about the Hyperdrive filming locations.

Where is Hyperdrive filmed?

On August 14, Netflix sent out a news release confirming the location. The setting is Eastman Business Park, located in Rochester, New York.

According to the park website, the location has over 1,200 acres of land for use with “over 16 million square feet of multi-scale manufacturing, distribution, lab, and office space.”

The location’s former name was Kodak Park. It used to be a manufacturing base for Kodak photographic products as well as products intended for motion picture use. The facility was designed to meet excessive demand.

With the show shot at night with a deserted factory feel, the location provides a Mad Max quality to the setting. At the very least a futuristic wasteland of sorts with spectators–which is rather cool, to say the least.

However, not everyone was pleased with the production location. Many people live next to Eastman Business Park and suffer from all the noise once the Netflix original series started shooting. As one of the neighbors named Marcia Kellison describes to 13WHAM, “I feel on edge. I’m nervous. I’ve had a migraine for the last two days. I still have it. I’ve been crying today for no reason.”

She further explains that the shoot made her feel like a prisoner and that, “It’s unfair. I don’t know what to do. None of us know what to do.”

Even though filming at Eastman Business Park came at an emotional cost for some, it paid off because the setting adds to the atmosphere. One halfway expects this to be the filming location for a sequel to The Running Man. It’s that impressive.

All this said, those who are fans of The Fast and Furious franchise, as well as competitive shows like American Ninja Warrior, should check this out.

Hyperdrive is streaming now on Netflix.

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