Where is The Challenge: War of the Worlds filmed?

mtv's the challenge war of the worlds location involves desert sands, cold water and other conditions
The Challenge: War of the Worlds competitors arrive for a new challenge. Pic credit: MTV

Each and every week, viewers watch as competitors on MTV’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds push their bodies and minds to limits.

Grueling physical challenges involve everything from competing high above water or on sand dunes. But where is The Challenge: War of the Worlds filmed?

MTV’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds location

Several weeks ago, the competitors headed to those sandy dunes to play “Highway to Hell.” It involved being on top of a Mad Max-style car and trying to complete a puzzle as that car was furiously drifting on the dunes in a circle.

On last night’s episode, competitors were participating in a challenge involving large cargo bins hanging above cold water. So the various locations for each challenge seem to involve different types of conditions.

The filming all takes place in Swakopmund, which is off the coast of Namibia. It became the main harbor for German South West Africa back in 1892. It’s also situated in the center of the Namib desert and considered a beach resort area. That explains the challenges over water, in sandy areas, and of course, the fun times out on the town.

Swakopmund covers 76 square miles of land. The city’s population is also under 50,000 there, so it allows for MTV’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds to take place without too much fanfare.

The Challenge Finals may switch locations

As with previous editions of MTV’s The Challenge, we’re very likely to see a change of scenery next week. As viewers know, TJ loves to surprise the competitors by letting them know they’re headed to a brand new location. Next week, the final is called “The Death Path” with over 50 miles of desert involved.

For example, during Vendettas, the majority of the season took place in Gibraltar and Spain before moving to Prague of the Czech Republic. In The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30, the competitors started out in Cartagena, Colombia and then they shifted to Salta, Argentina for the big final.

Last season stayed put, though. The entirety of the competition took place in Hermanus, South Africa. As of Wednesday (May 15), we’ll find out exactly where this season’s finals will take place.

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