Where is the Blown Away TV show filmed?

Blown Away filming locations
Where is the Blown Away TV show filmed? Pic credit: Netflix

Those who might be binge-watching shows on Netflix this weekend are probably in for a surprise with the new reality competition series Blown Away.

Most people have individual hobbies which they enjoy in their downtime. Blown Away takes the hobby glass blowing to the absolute extreme putting several experts in the field to battle it out for a grand prize of $60,000 and residency at the Corning Museum of Glass. And most of it seems to be filmed in a single location warehouse.

But is this true? Was the Netflix series filmed all in one location? Here is everything to know about the Blown Away filming locations.

Where is the Blown Away TV show filmed?

The art of blowing glass requires a lot of heat. Because of this, the people of the show had to use one of the largest glass blowing facilities ever made to incorporate all 10 contestants in a room, without the risk of danger or overheating.

The glass workshop resides in Hamilton, Ontario which was designed for the Netflix competition to alleviate stressful work conditions. It is also said that working with glass requires a lot of space, which is why the newly built location was so important.

In fact, despite the extensive spacial layout a few contestants still ran the risk of having heat stroke. Executive producer Matt Hornburg explains this to the Edmonton Journal saying:

There were a couple of close calls for heat stroke, with 10 hot boxes, the air conditioning couldn’t keep up.

The gamble of extreme heat conditions paid off because the series maintains the same addictive feel of competition shows like The Great British Baking Show, Ink Master, Face Off, and so much more.

With only 10 episodes, each around 30 minutes in length, Bown Away makes for an easy binge for anyone seeking something to stream over the weekend.

Blown Away is now streaming on Netflix.

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