Where is Southern Charm filmed for Bravo?

Southern Charm
Southern Charm is a successful show on Bravo, but where is it filmed? Pic credit: Bravo

Southern Charm premiered on Bravo on March 3, 2014, and it continues to get renewed as viewers are getting more invested in the storylines on the show. With 5 seasons in the bag and 67 episodes filmed, the cast members have faced everything from children to divorce, and from entrepreneurship to sex scandals.

In fact, Southern Charm was such a huge hit for Bravo that producers decided to try two additional spin-off shows that capture the lifestyles of southern ladies and gentlemen. This means that these shows are filmed in different southern states and cities. But let’s start with the show that started it all.

Southern Charm

Southern Charm Charleston
The cast of Southern Charm Charleston. Pic credit: Bravo

The original show is just called Southern Charm. The show follows the lives of the rich, troubled, fabulous and interesting people in Charleston, South Carolina. Thomas Ravenel, a former politician in the Charleston area, was one of the main cast members. Even though he was proud of his work, his sketchy background with drugs and a mugshot were exposed. In addition, he got Kathryn Dennis pregnant during the first season. Needless to say, the bar was set fairly high for any spin-off following the Charleston gang.

Southern Charm Savannah

The cast of Southern Charm Charleston. Pic credit: Bravo
The cast of Southern Charm Savannah. Pic credit: Bravo

Southern Charm: Savannah is the first spin-off show and it premiered in the spring of 2017. This particular show follows a group of young people in Savannah, Georgia, as they are trying to find themselves after the school. The premise of the show is really about the cast finding themselves, learning how to grow up and become adults, and balancing careers with nights at the bar. The second season of Southern Charm: Savannah just premiered on Bravo this summer. The show is filmed primarily in Savannah, Georgia.

Southern Charm New Orleans

Southern Charm New Orleans
The cast of Southern Charm New Orleans. Pic credit: Bravo

In the spring of 2018, Bravo introduced yet another spin-off show. Southern Charm: New Orleans premiered but the ratings lacked a bit. It’s always tough for a new show to gain viewers, and this particular show focused on the personal and professional lives of seven socialites in New Orleans. The cast includes an artist, a lawyer-in-training, and a former NFL player. The show is filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana, including the residential areas and the French Quarters.

Southern Charm is currently on hiatus and could be filming the newest season. Southern Charm: New Orleans is currently up in the air about the second season.

Southern Charm: Savannah is on Bravo on Monday nights at 10/9c.

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