Where is Florida Girls filmed?

Scene from Florida Girls on POP.
The show is set in Clearwater, Florida. Pic credit: POP

Florida Girls premiered earlier this month on the POP channel. It is based on real-life experiences the writer and executive producer had while growing up with a close group of all-girl friends.

Set in a trailer park in Clearwater, Florida, the story follows four young women who are caught up in the cycle of life. When one decides to take off and leave the certainty in the dust, the other three friends are left to pick up the pieces and examine where their lives are headed.

Being that Florida Girls is set in Florida, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume that it would be filmed somewhere in the Sunshine State but it is not. The show is filmed in Savannah, Georgia. It is just above Florida though, so the scenery isn’t too drastic of a change from what viewers might expect.

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Currently, Florida Girls has 10 episodes. The series began airing earlier this month and the final two episodes will air next Wednesday night back to back. The ratings appear to be mediocre for the series but people are continuing to tune in.

Laura Chinn created Florida Girls and also stars in it as Shelby. She drew from her real-life experiences and wrote the show. Also tagged as an executive producer, Chinn has been able to make sure things are done the way she wants to reflect her vision as she was telling her story.

Florida Girls airs Wednesday nights at 10/9c on POP.

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