When will Rick return to The Walking Dead? Will Andrew Lincoln return?

Andrew Lincoln Talking Dead
Andrew Lincoln speaking about The Walking Dead on an episode of Talking Dead. Pic credit: AMC/YouTube

Rick’s return to The Walking Dead is on the horizon. Though it will take place soon, that isn’t quite soon enough for some long-time fans of the show.

Season 10 of the TWD is currently airing on AMC. The group of survivors is dealing with the Whisperers and there has been a lot of foreshadowing of a deadly conflict taking place soon.

As for Rick Grimes, who served as the primary character of the show for quite a few years, he hasn’t been seen since the first half of Season 9. After he blew up a bridge to save his friends from walkers, Rick was flown off by a helicopter to an unknown destination.

The good news is that Rick will return to The Walking Dead. The bad news is that he likely won’t be seen again on the primary television show or on Fear the Walking Dead either.

Will Andrew Lincoln return as Rick on The Walking Dead?

Midway through Season 9 of The Walking Dead on AMC, there was another large time-jump that took the main characters several years into the future. Michonne had a baby, Maggie had vanished, Negan’s gang was a part of the past, and a mysterious threat started emerging among the walkers.

During that span of time, three movies are going to take place within the TWD universe. That’s when Rick will return to The Walking Dead. His first movie will debut in 2020, giving fans of the show a chance to watch it on the big screen. Very few details have been revealed about the movies, helping create additional buzz.

A teaser trailer for the first Rick Grimes movie was released in July, but it didn’t give hints at a story or when the actual release date will fall. At least we know that actor Andrew Lincoln is returning to the role and that this is when fans will next see the character of Rick. But we will all have to be patient for that release date to finally be announced.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC. Three TWD movies are also in the works.

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Marlene Brown
Marlene Brown
3 years ago

Rick, are you coming back to the walking dead?

4 months ago

I been seeing a lot of videos on tiktok about Daryl and negan finding Rick in the woods where did it come from and is it true?

1 month ago

were will he return