When is the next season of Vikings? Here’s when it’s returning for Season 6

Bjorn returns to Kattegat in the finale of Vikings, but what’s in store for Season 6 and when does it return? Pic credit: History

The fifth season of Vikings came to an end in the bloody battle for Kattegat as Ragnar’s sons went to war. Season 6 will be the final chapter of the History channel’s first original series. The sixth season of Vikings will be 20 episodes and it was renewed before the premiere of the fifth season, which is indicative of when the series will likely return. 

When will Season 6 of Vikings be released? 

The fifth season finale left a lot of questions that need answering in Vikings’ final outing. While an official release date is yet to be announced, Season 6 of Vikings will likely premiere in October or November 2019. The sixth season will be in two parts of 10 episodes and likely conclude in the first quarter of 2020.  

The production for Vikings Season 6 is already under way.

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What to expect in Season 6 of Vikings 

With Ivar the Boneless’s tyrannical reign as King of Kattegat coming to an end, Bjorn will likely be a man of the people like his father Ragnar.

Ivar has escaped with a few loyalists but it is unclear what is next for him. Ivar has proven to be a brilliant war tactician and will likely seek revenge on his brothers. 

Ubbe and Lagertha return to England while Floki’s condition in Iceland is unknown. Season 6 will likely further explore the Viking settlement in Wessex and Bjorn’s reign in Kattegat with his mother Lagetha.  

A vision from the now deceased Seer suggests that Bjorn will lead bloody battles in Kattegat as the tale of Ragnar’s son will likely explore new countries in Season 6 of Vikings.  

Vikings is expected to return in the fall of 2019 on History.

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