When is the next season of The Challenge? Season 35 start date speculation for 2020

johnny bananas of mtv the challenge war of the worlds 2
Johnny Bananas on MTV’s The Challenge War of the Worlds 2. Pic credit: MTV

MTV’s popular reality competition series The Challenge officially wrapped up season 34 with their reunion show this past Wednesday. That finale has fans wanting more of the show, and for new episodes to return quickly.

It won’t happen right away, but it seems it could be coming relatively soon.

When is The Challenge Season 35?

Viewers just went on a wild journey with Team USA and Team UK as they battled it out to determine which team would leave with $1 million in prize money. Ultimately, Team UK prevailed in the recent finale.

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The premiere episode of War of the Worlds 2 arrived back on August 28, 2019. There were a total of 16 episodes, which were anywhere from approximately one hour to an hour and a half.

The season ended on December 11. The War of the Worlds 2 reunion was on December 18.

Unfortunately, that reunion show didn’t give us one of those early teasers for a new season like some of the others have. That leaves it up to speculation for when season 35 will begin.

According to The Cinemaholic’s report (contains potential spoilers), the speculative release date for the next season of The Challenge is February 2020.

The time slot may remain the same as this past season, with new episodes appearing live on MTV every Wednesday at 9/8c. It could also change up depending on MTV’s scheduling.

What might Season 35 bring to The Challenge?

Keeping things spoiler-free, viewers are likely to see more of what they’ve come to love about MTV’s weekly competition series. It originally started with both Real World and Road Rules cast members, as those were the only two reality shows going for MTV.

Over the years, the series began to bring in “fresh meat” rookies who were new to the competition world. In more recent seasons, MTV started to welcome in competitors from other reality shows, including Love Island, Floribama Shore, Geordie Shore, and Are You the One?

Each season has a theme in terms of how the competitors work as individuals and/or teams. For War of the Worlds 2, it was based on countries, with competitors split between Team USA and Team UK.

They were able to switch sides if they wanted to after surviving an elimination. Check out the final episode results where UK and USA battled for the win.

The Challenge: War of The Worlds 2 ? Official Trailer | MTV

In some of the other seasons, competitors teamed with individuals considered their rivals, and in others, it was people working solo. So Season 35 should bring a new team formation. Possibly, veterans and rookies paired up again.

Competitors are sent into elimination usually through a popular vote by the team, and as in War of the Worlds 2, by a three-person Tribunal vote. Some seasons have included a secret vote, which makes it more intriguing.

There have also been seasons where poorly-performing competitors are sent to elimination. Usually, the eliminations give some power to the winner too.

It would be a surprise not to see familiar faces back in Season 35 along with some newbies. For example, individuals like Johnny Bananas, Cara, Paulie, Wes, and CT have become fan favorites. Rising stars like Bear, Josh, Georgia, and Rogan could also return along with fresh faces.

Also, there’s no reason viewers shouldn’t see one of the coolest hosts in reality competition show history, TJ Lavin, cruising into some exotic location on an ATV. If February 2020 is the next season of The Challenge, it can’t come soon enough for viewers.

Viewers can watch episodes of The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 on-demand via MTV website or streaming channels.

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