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When is The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 finale start time? Season 34 Episode 15 details

the challenge war of the worlds 2 competitors on the final episode
The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 finals featuring Team USA vs. Team UK. Pic credit: MTV The Challenge

Which players will leave with big money after weeks of grueling competition and drama amongst them? That’s the big question heading into The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 finale.

Fans are ready for Season 34 Episode 15 to arrive so they can see who adds to their bank accounts and who goes home emptyhanded.

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 finale details

On The Challenge Episode 14, viewers saw what seemed to be the last elimination just before the War of the Worlds 2 finale. It ended up being an “on the spot” voting situation after Team UK won a competition. CT became Speaker and selected Tori and Rogan for his Tribunal.

Team USA voted in Nany due to the numbers of the alliance being against her. However, CT nominated Ninja for elimination. Tori opted for Ashley, so Rogan was left in a tough spot, but also said Ashley’s name.

In the elimination, Ashley defeated Nany in a challenge involving bringing two sets of puzzle pieces to the top of a steep mountain area to solve a puzzle. Ashley solved her puzzle before Nany could, and that sent Nany home just before the finals.

So that means the finals will feature Team USA with Paulie, Leroy, Zach, Cara, Ashley, Kam, and Ninja. Team UK will have CT, Rogan, Jordan, Tori, and Dee. While the United States’ side has more people, it seems the Brits have a stronger overall group. The two teams will go head-to-head in the finals.

A synopsis for the upcoming episode 15 called A Tale of Two Countries says:

The daunting final begins, with both teams evenly matched. Endurance, puzzles, and math put Team USA and Team U.K. to the ultimate test. One player has a shocking and disastrous gas-out that threatens to sink their team.

So far, it’s unknown what all the finals will consist of, but it will be a teamwork sort of situation this time around. In some of the recent seasons, it involved players working in pairs, not a larger group of players.

As far as a twist for the winning team, that also remains a mystery. Will TJ reveal that certain players can earn a better score than others on a team?

When is The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 finale start time, date?

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 Season 34 Episode 15 arrives on Wednesday, December 4, starting at 9 p.m. Eastern Time. Last week’s show was shorter than usual as it came in at just over an hour. Episode 15 will have the same time format of just over an hour. Here’s the teaser clip for the new episode:

Keep in mind the War of the Worlds 2 finale is a two-parter. So Wednesday’s Episode 15 is part one of two. Most likely, MTV will do a similar situation to some of their recent finales, with the reunion episode used as the last show of the season.

Viewers can watch The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 at 9/8c on Wednesdays on MTV.

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