When is Ryan Seacrest’s first day as host on Wheel of Fortune?

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Ryan is the new host of Wheel of Fortune. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

It won’t be long before Wheel of Fortune fans see a new face on their TV screens.

Following longtime host Pat Sajak’s retirement announcement last year, Wheel watchers learned that Ryan Seacrest would take over the reins.

Pat filmed his final episode of Wheel of Fortune in June 2024, and it was a deeply emotional one that left viewers in tears.

His last episode was also a record-breaking one, bringing in the most views of any telecast, with 11.03 million viewers — the most Wheel of Fortune viewers in the last four years.

In fact, all five of Pat’s final five episodes were rated the highest and ranked the most-watched telecasts that week.

The 43-year veteran also got teary-eyed during his farewell interview with his daughter, Maggie Sajak, who serves as the Wheel of Fortune Social Correspondent.

Ryan Seacrest will appear on Wheel of Fortune beginning September 2024

But now that Pat is formally retired, it’s Ryan’s turn to show Wheel watchers what he’s made of.

Season 42 of Wheel of Fortune is scheduled to resume this fall.

Typically, Wheel of Fortune airs in early September, so in just three short months, Ryan will officially take the stage at Sony Pictures Studios alongside Vanna White.

Ryan shared some kind words for his predecessor, Pat Sajak, on Instagram earlier this month, ahead of his new gig.

Ryan congratulated Pat Sajak following his retirement

Along with some photos and footage of himself with Pat and Vanna, Ryan congratulated Pat on his “incredible” run as Wheel of Fortune’s host.

“Your dedication, charm, and wit have made the show a beloved part of American television for decades. Your partnership with Vanna has been nothing short of iconic, and together, you’ve created countless wonderful memories for viewers,” Ryan gushed.

He continued, “You’ve set the standard for hosts everywhere, and this marks the end of an era. Best wishes for all your future endeavors!”

In return, Wheel of Fortune shared a Reel this month, welcoming Ryan to the family.

In the video, an announcer said, “Ryan’s getting ready to take the wheel,” noting that he’ll join Vanna White this fall.

The accompanying caption read, “Season 42 is righttt around the corner! Ryan Seacrest joins Vanna White as host of Wheel of Fortune, starting this Fall 🤩🎉”

Are Vanna White and Ryan Seacrest butting heads?

As Ryan and Vanna gear up to take the stage together in a few months, word on the street is that the duo isn’t getting along.

According to a Wheel of Fortune insider, Vanna doesn’t “jibe” with her new co-host and is considering walking away from her contract and her job.

The source spoke with Daily Mail UK, revealing, “Vanna is retiring from the show when her contract ends, but there is a part of her that wants to walk away sooner.”

“She just doesn’t jibe with Ryan like she did with Pat, and no one really ever expected her to,” they added. “There is just no way that she possibly could.”

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