When is On My Block Season 3 coming out on Netflix?

Ruby On my block
Ruby returns and On My Block Season 2 ends in another cliffhanger. Pic credit: Netflix

On My Block has returned for its second season this week – a little over a year after the series premiered on Netflix to critical and commercial acclaim. With another cliffhanger ending on its 20th episode, fans are looking forward to Season 3 of On My Block and want to know when the series will return.

Fans were relieved to see Ruby return following the cliffhanger in its first season finale. Ruby, who is played by Jason Genao, was featured in the trailer so it was no surprise that the heart and soul of the group made a big return.

Has Netflix renewed On My Block for Season 3?

On My Block Season 2 premiered on March 29; therefore, Netflix has not yet made the decision to renew the series. Netflix officially renewed the On My Block for a second season in less than a month last year and fans should expect a Season 3 renewal announcement in April or May.

Will there be a Season 3 of On My Block coming to Netflix?

If you have binge-watched the 10 episodes of the second season, you will have to wait a while for Season 3 of On My Block to come out on Netflix. Although the series is yet to be officially renewed, the critical and commercial performance of the series makes a renewal highly likely.


On My Block is Netflix’s most successful coming of age drama and it landed on the streaming platform’s most-binged watched show list of 2018. So, a Season 3 of On My Block is most likely a matter of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’ it is happening.

When will On My Block Season 3 get a release date?

An official release date will arrive about a month before its premiere date. A strong indicator of a release date is the official renewal date for On My Block for Season 3. The release date of a series is usually about 11 to 14 months after a renewal announcement.

Therefore, it all goes as planned and the series is renewed, On My Block Season 3 should arrive in April or May 2020.

All episodes of On My Block are currently streaming on Netflix.

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