When does NCIS return to CBS this winter? Season 17 continues soon

Cote Finale
Cote de Pablo was back on the NCIS cast for the fall finale. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS is now on its winter hiatus. Following the fall finale, which just aired on the East Coast, the show is officially on its holiday break. This is something that happens each year as the holiday season arrived in the United States.

The Season 17 fall finale left a lot of questions with viewers, which included some people wondering if Mark Harmon was done with his role of Gibbs on the show.

When those questions get asked, it usually means an interesting episode has just finished airing. That’s exactly what just happened, with Cote de Pablo popping back up as Ziva David again.

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When does NCIS return to CBS?

For the rest of December, rebroadcast episodes will be issued by CBS when it comes to NCIS. That will be in addition to all of the past NCIS episodes that get shown by other networks on a daily and weekly basis.

The NCIS return date is set for Tuesday, January 7, when the next new episode of the show will air on CBS. That episode is called In The Wind, which typically describes where a suspect has gone during a case. If they are “in the wind,” they cannot be located and have gone on the run.

In this case, though, the term “in the wind” might even refer to some of the main characters on the show. We won’t post specific NCIS spoilers in that regard just in case any of our readers haven’t been able to watch the Season 17 fall finale yet. But do so soon, because sneak peeks for the rest of Season 17 could reveal some important details.

It’s great news that it won’t take very long for NCIS Season 17 to continue, with this particular fall finale coming very close to the Christmas holiday. CBS isn’t going to make viewers wait very long to gain some resolution about what has just taken place, which is always a good thing for a widely-watched drama like this one.

NCIS airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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