When does Grey’s Anatomy return in 2020? Show gets new time slot

Grey's Cast
Grey’s Anatomy cast during Season 16 episode. Pic credit: ABC

Some of us are still recovering from the Grey’s Anatomy midseason finale, but ABC is busy preparing fans for the 2020 return of the show.

It’s still a long time between now and the Grey’s Anatomy return date, especially with the fall finale taking place in November. But at least absence makes the heart grow fonder.

When does Grey’s Anatomy return in 2020?

ABC announced that Meredith Grey, Amelia Shepherd, Jackson Avery, and the rest of the Grey’s Anatomy cast will return to televisions in January 2020.

The next new episode of Grey’s Anatomy is scheduled for Thursday, January 23 at 9/8c. Nope, that’s not a mistake. The show is going to be returning to ABC in a new time slot.

In order to make room for Station 19 at 8/7c, ABC is pushing Grey’s Anatomy back an hour on Thursday nights. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, either, as it opens the door for better crossover episodes.

Season 16 has been a bit odd for Grey’s Anatomy, especially with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), Alex Karev (Justin Chambers), and Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) spending most of their time outside of Grey Sloan Memorial. It felt a bit disjointed, but it also allowed a few other characters to become more important within the cast.

The new relationship between Jackson (Jesse Williams) and Victoria Hughes (Barrett Doss) from Station 19 has also been quite intriguing. Having Jackson and Vic in a relationship could make crossovers even easier.

It had seemed like the writers were pressing too hard to find ways for Miranda Bailey from Grey’s (Chandra Wilson) and Ben from Station 19 (Jason George) to share scenes on either one of the shows. Though having them married was understandable, some of the character crossovers felt forced.

Since the Grey’s Anatomy return date is still so far off for the next new episode, it gives viewers a lot of time to rewatch some of the earlier episodes from Season 16. It’s not like that’s the worst thing in the world.

Grey’s Anatomy will air Thursday nights at 9/8c in 2020.

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