When does Big Brother 2019 start? Dates revealed as fans wait for Season 21 cast details

Zingbot On Big Brother 18
Zingbot is likely to return for the Big Brother 2019 season. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

The Big Brother 2019 start date is just down the road. The good news for fans is that the month that the season premiere will take place has finally arrived.

It’s also great news that Julie Chen will return as host for Big Brother 21. Now that the hosting duties have been confirmed by CBS, it’s just a matter of announcing who will be a part of the BB21 cast.

When does Big Brother 2019 start?

There are two answers to the question of when the Big Brother 2019 start date will take the place. The first answer is that the season premiere will air on CBS on Tuesday, June 25. But that’s not the first day the BB21 cast will play the game.

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Big Brother - An Awkward Confrontation

Even before the cast is revealed by show producers and CBS, the new houseguests will get sequestered. This is when the producers eliminate access to the outside world for the houseguests. No more social media, chats with family, or television news programs.

After a short sequester period, the new cast will begin playing the game. It typically begins five or more days before the season premiere airs on CBS. That could be considered the official Big Brother 2019 start date, which occurs before Episode 1.

Who is on the BB21 cast?

Sorry folks. This is where bad news comes. The BB21 cast has not been revealed, despite numerous rumors on social media. There are a lot of people hoping that it is a season of All-Stars, but nothing in that regard has been confirmed.

The wait will continue until the new cast gets revealed. When it does, expect a lot of promotion to take place on the CBS social media pages, during commercial breaks for all primetime shows on the network, and maybe even on Daily Blast Live (co-hosted by former houseguest Jeff Schroeder).

Some educated guesses on when the cast reveal will take place have already been made. Now it’s just a waiting game, but at least everyone knows that the first episode will take place on Tuesday, June 25. It is quickly followed by Big Brother 21, Episode 2 on Wednesday, June 26. Both nights begin at 8/7c on CBS.

Big Brother 2019 will air new episodes this summer on CBS.

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