When Calls the Heart sneak peak: Lucas stands up to Abigail, who is trying to enforce a curfew on his saloon

Abigail Stanton in When Calls The Heart
Abigail Stanton in A Vote of Confidence. Pic credit: Hallmark Channel

The latest episode of When Calls the Heart left fans asking a lot of questions. The primary concern lies with the new owner of the saloon, Lucas Bouchard.

Lucas is a man of mystery who is trying to win over the town but many townsfolk are still skeptical of this new character. The sneak peek of this week’s episode tells us that Lucas might be making friends within Abigail’s inner circle.

Details released in the When Calls The Heart sneak peek

The preview for the new episode of When Calls The Heart reveals that Lucas owning the saloon is causing some trouble in Hope Valley. Abigail is made aware by the townspeople that Lucas isn’t complying with their agreement. The saloon is still open after 10 p.m. when it’s supposed to be closed. Inside the saloon, we see that Lucas is quite the gambler.

Lucas tells Abigail there are no issues as there aren’t any laws being broken, seemingly unaware of how strong-willed Abigail is when it comes to her people.

Abigail seems to have the upper hang in this situation since most of the townspeople don’t trust Lucas Bouchard anyway. However, the sneak peek reveals some suspicious behavior in one of Abigail’s close friends, Lee Coulter.

While seated around the dinner table enjoying a meal together, Rosemary brings up Abigail’s battle with the saloon. Abigail is quick to remind her that it isn’t her personal battle, but rather that the town council is considering a new law.

Rosemary is adamant that now is the perfect time to discuss the situation with her and Lee there, and offers their full support to Abigail. When she turns to Lee, he acts skeptical. He tries to get Rosemary to drop the subject and tries to change the subject himself onto the food they are eating.

When Rosemary finally tells Lee to voice his support to Abigail, Lee is saved by baby Jack beginning to cry. Lee quickly dismisses himself from the table to care for the baby.

Lee’s suspicious behavior

Lee’s behavior is an unavoidable topic when it comes to the new episode of When Calls The Heart. Although Lee has always been his own person, it’s interesting to see him try to choose between his family and friends or the new saloon and its owner. The behavior leaves a lot of questions unanswered for tonight’s episode.

From our standpoint, we don’t see a personal relationship between Lee and Lucas Bouchard. We do know that at the opening of the saloon, Lucas has a suspicious case full of money. Where did he get the money? Or rather, who gave him the money? Does Lee have a secret partnership with Lucas?

Hallmark has really left room for a lot of questions for the new episode. Hopefully, we’ll receive all of our answers tonight.

When Calls the Heart airs on Sundays at 8/7c on the Hallmark Channel.

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