When Calls The Heart Season 6, episode 4 recap: A new mountie heading to Hope Valley

Fiona, Abigail, Rosemary, and Elizabeth in When Calls The Heart. Pic credit: Hallmark Channel
Fiona, Abigail, Rosemary, and Elizabeth in When Calls The Heart. Pic credit: Hallmark Channel

On When Calls The Heart Season 6, episode 4, A Vote of Confidence, there’s trouble around Hope Valley. Carson and Faith have their own relationship issues, Lucas Bouchard’s saloon is keeping the townspeople awake at night, and Bill Avery seeks out an old friend to catch gun running criminals.

Events in Hope Valley

This week’s episode opens with Abigail and Elizabeth having a conversation about dinner plans when they see some gossiping Hope Valley residents. Lucas’ saloon is inappropriate and too loud late into the night. The townspeople want Abigail to fix this problem.

Carson and Faith are still working out their relationship after their encounter at the opening of the saloon. The two are having a hard time coming to an agreement on their relationship.

While everyone in Hope Valley is dealing with their own personal lives, Bill Avery is out looking to catch two gun runners that were released from jail before trial. With the help of an old friend, Bill pursues justice.

Elizabeth’s dinner

Elizabeth prepared dinner for Rosemary, Lee, Abigail, and herself. The four friends enjoy their meal, discussing the noisy saloon and Abigail’s plan to fix it. Rosemary expresses full support in whatever Abigail needs to do fix the issue, but Lee seems a bit more hesitant.

Lee leaves the table to care for a crying baby Jack so the women can continue eating. Elizabeth makes a sweet comment about how well Lee does with babies, while Rosemary stays quiet, fully invested in watching the interaction between Lee and baby Jack.

After enjoying dinner with Elizabeth and Abigail, Rosemary and Lee head home. They both agree that it was a wonderful evening, but Rosemary keeps doting on the baby. Before Lee can ask what’s going on, Rosemary quickly tells him she is going to bed and ends the conversation.

Lucas Bouchard vs. Abigail Stanton

After talking to the townspeople, Abigail speaks to Lucas about keeping the volume down at the saloon. He seems to agree, but it is not long after that Abigail is back later at night when the noise is keeping everyone awake.

Lucas tells Abigail he will not close early and make his customers unhappy, especially since he is not breaking any laws.

Abigail decides the town council will vote on all businesses closing by 10 pm. When it comes time to the vote, it is revealed that Lee liked the saloon being open late so that his men could have a drink after long days at the sawmill.

Fortunately, everyone is able to come to a compromise with the saloon being able to stay open late two days a week.

Lessons in friendship

Bill Avery seeks the help of an old friend, Jeremiah, in catching gun runners that have gotten away. As Bill has not spoken to him in ten years, Jeremiah is skeptical at first, but finally agrees to help Bill locate the criminals.

Jeremiah leads Bill into an old mine that cuts through the mountain rather than going over it. When Bill notices Jeremiah questioning himself, it is revealed that the last time the two were out together, a murderer got away. Jeremiah blamed himself for this ever since. However, Bill reveals that he later apprehended the murderer himself.

The two old friends reconcile and find their way out of the mine together. Bill and Jeremiah successfully apprehend the criminals together.

Back in Hope Valley, Timmy is spending a lot of time doing everything that Robert and Cody want him to in order to be their friend. Timmy brings a spyglass to school so they can play pirates together, but the spyglass is lost by the other boys.

Elizabeth finds Timmy looking for the spyglass by himself and tells him that if they were really his friends, they would be helping him look for the spyglass. With Elizabeth’s encouragement, Timmy stands up to the boys and the whole class helps to look for Timmy’s lost spyglass.

Carson and Faith’s relationship

Carson and Faith spent a good deal of this episode deciding how to express their feelings. Carson admits that telling Faith that she is special wasn’t the best way to convey the way he truly feels about her.

Although Faith cares for Carson very much, she’s very concerned about the risks they would be taking by being together. Fortunately, by the end of the episode, Faith realizes that she will accept any risk that comes with the possibility of being with Carson. The two are finally a couple, thanks to the advice of Rosemary and Lee.

New mysteries ahead

The preview for next week’s episode left a lot of us curious and waiting for more.

There’s a new mountie in town, Nathan Grant. He’s mysterious, quiet, and very handsome. However, it doesn’t look like his solemnity and good looks will get him far- the people of Hope Valley aren’t thrilled with a new mountie. Elizabeth introduces herself to the new mountie, almost appearing nervous.

What is Nathan Grant doing in Hope Valley? Will Elizabeth find a new love with him as she ends the cycle of grief over Jack?

When Calls the Heart airs on Sundays at 8/7c on the Hallmark Channel. 

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