When Calls the Heart executive producer reveals future of the show

Erin Krakow as Elizabeth Thorton
Erin Krakow as Elizabeth Thornton on When Calls the Heart. Pic credit: Hallmark

What’s in store for the future of When Calls the Heart?

Hopefully, there will be plenty more seasons of the hit Hallmark original.

Executive producer Brian Bird opened up about what he’d like to see regarding the show’s future, proving that there’s still a lot of hope for keeping the show alive.

Although things may change, as we’ve seen before, hopefully, the Hearties will help keep When Calls the Heart alive.

“As I’ve said many times over the last decade, you Hearties are the reason for the show,” Brian stated. “I think one of the big reasons the show is still going strong is all of you.”

“And I believe that long after the show has ended its run — which we hope is many, many seasons from now; we’re going to try to catch up with The Simpsons, which is in season 42 or something like that, so you got a ways to go [but] we’re going to try…you will still be here.”

That’s right — Brian is planning on having When Calls the Heart around for many more seasons to come, just as many of us are!

Brian Bird reveals the decision to keep When Calls the Heart going isn’t just up to him

However, it’s not just up to Brian or the Hearties whether or not the show will continue.

“The network orders a certain number of episodes. We, the production company, produce those episodes for the network. So, it’s really not up to us how many,” he said.

“There’s also something to be said for the anticipation. You know, you love the show so much. You can’t wait till it returns and so there’s this incredible anticipation while that’s happening.”

Fortunately, fans can rejoice for one more season of When Calls the Heart at least, as we know there will be a Season 11.

When Calls the Heart renewed for Season 11

Entertainment Tonight first reported that When Calls the Heart was renewed for Season 11 earlier this year.

Production for Season 11 began in July, and it looks like things have wrapped up in that department, so we’re expecting Season 11 to debut in early-to-mid 2024.

However, we don’t know what’s in store yet, as there are still two more episodes of Season 10 to get through before we can really determine what happens in Season 11.

For now, we have to keep watching!

When Calls the Heart airs Sundays at 9/8c on Hallmark.

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June Jenkins
June Jenkins
8 months ago

Love this show. Would like to see many more seasons. I hope to visit Hope Valley someday!!

Yvonne Slicker
Yvonne Slicker
8 months ago

Never miss an episode!!!!!

Nancy Cole
Nancy Cole
8 months ago

It’s great family show 💖it.. Story lines are so good…

Sallie Phelan
Sallie Phelan
8 months ago

This country needs this show- we need shows that remind us of the power of simplicity, appreciation in what we have, humbleness, empathy, work ethics, forgiveness, respect in marriage, relationships and in school, we need to see the golden rule in action, respect for the law to name but a few traits missing in much of todays world and human. I would love to see more underlying examples of patriotism, perhaps Elizabeth class reciting the pledge. We truly need this show and more like it.

Glennda Smith
Glennda Smith
8 months ago

I enjoyed the show from the movie that started it. Really really tried of Elizabeth love triangle. She really hasn’t gotten over Jack and her son questioning of his dad makes it real. She enjoys being an independent woman. Would like to see more of the town people get more involved with the water situation. If Lucas wins the water situation will become more dangerous for a couple characters.