When Calls the Heart: Disputing Hearts sneak peak

Bill Avery, Lee Coulter, and Nathan Grant address a dispute on When Calls the Heart
Bill Avery, Lee Coulter, and Nathan Grant on When Calls the Heart. Pic credit: Hallmark Channel

When Calls the Heart went through some serious rewrites when they removed Lori Loughlin from the series, but things are back in order now.

Fans are preparing for episode six of season six this Sunday. What new adventures are waiting for fans in Hope Valley?

Disputing Hearts sneak peek

Last week, fans got to see the introduction of Nathan Grant and his niece Allie as they begin their lives in Hope Valley.

While these two new characters are still settling, fans are getting more insight as to what our seasoned favorite characters are accomplishing in Hope Valley.

This week’s extended preview for episode six of When Calls the Heart this season looks like a very interesting episode. While fans can hope that some character’s old habits won’t come back into play, there’s no guarantee that we won’t see similar things to what we’ve seen before.

However, it looks like this episode is bringing a lot of changes to Hope Valley.

What to expect in Disputing Hearts

This week’s episode is sure to be full of suspense and surprises. Oil has been found in Hope Valley, which is a great sign of wealth and growth for the town.

However, the oil was found by Henry Gowan. Will Gowan remember the trouble he got into in the past in his search for wealth, or will he go back to his old ways?

Rosemary appears to have a lot on her mind in this episode. During A Vote of Confidence, we saw Rosemary watch Lee play with baby Jack.

It looks like whatever thought process began back during that episode is coming back again now, as we see Rosemary telling Dr. Carson Shepherd that something isn’t quite right.

Is Rosemary experiencing internal troubles, or is it possible that she’s changed her mind about not having children? This is a suspenseful situation that fans are ready to see the outcome of, regardless of what it is.

Sunday’s episode is going to show Nathan Grant solving a dispute in Hope Valley as well. Fans are excited to see how this new Mountie handles the disputes in town.

While fans are waiting to see how Nathan Grant handles his job as the new Mountie, fans are also waiting to see how Florence handles her new job as a switchboard operator for the telephone.

Although Fiona tells Elizabeth that Florence is taking a long time adjusting, we’re sure that Florence will get the hang of the job eventually.

When Calls the Heart airs Sundays at 9/8c on the Hallmark Channel.

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