Wheel of Fortune viewers plead for a contestant to win $1 million before Pat Sajak retires: ‘It’s gotta happen eventually!’

pat sajak at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium
Will Pat Sajak issue a $1 million prize to a Wheel of Fortune winner before he retires? Pic credit: ©

If there’s one thing Wheel of Fortune fans want to see before Pat Sajak retires, it’s a contestant winning a $1 million prize.

Pat is hosting his 41st and final season of Wheel of Fortune and will officially retire in June 2024.

Before Ryan Seacrest takes the reins this fall, Wheel of Fortune viewers are growing antsy as they await a $1 million winner.

A contestant named Marsha recently had a big night on Wheel of Fortune, and her Bonus Round was shared on the game show’s YouTube channel in a video captioned, “Heads or Tails: Marsha will successfully solve the Bonus Round puzzle.”

Marsha opted for the “Phrase” category and came up with the correct solution with the help of Wheel of Fortune’s typical consonants, R, S, T, L, and N, and vowel E, along with her own picks.

When all the letters were revealed, Marsha’s puzzle read, “F L _ P / A / C _ _ N.”

Marsha has a shot at winning $1 million during her Bonus Round

Clearly, Pat knew that Marsha could solve the puzzle, and he cheered her on before the countdown began, especially since she had a shot at winning $1 million.

Once Marsha revealed the correct solution, “Flip A Coin,” she jumped up and down, squealing excitedly.

Pat revealed that although she didn’t snag the $1 million prize, she added an additional $40,000 to her winnings for the evening, bringing her total winnings to $66,900.

At-home Wheel of Fortune viewers applauded Marsha in the YouTube video’s comments and pointed out that it’s about time to see a player win the $1 million prize.

Wheel of Fortune fans are hopeful someone will win $1 million before Pat Sajak’s retirement

“How many freaking times has the million been in play during the bonus round this season?” asked one YouTube user. “We need ONE. ONLY ONE FOR GODS SAKE. SOMEONE WIN THIS DANG MILLION.”

Another Wheel of Fortune fan chimed in, echoing the sentiment that someone “needs” to win $1 million this season.

wheel of fortune viewers comment on youtube
Pic credit: @WheelOfFortune/YouTube

“This must [be] a sign that we’re gonna get a million dollar winner before the end of the season because that’s the 3rd one this month,” added @edwardsimmons3190.

More and more Wheel of Fortune fans agreed and added their comments to Marsha’s video.

“PLEASE END THE DROUGHT! ITS BEEN 10 YEARS!!” pleaded @matthewgumball4568.

Another fan of the show pointed out that last week, a contestant was “only three spaces away from the million dollars.”

wheel of fortune viewers comment on youtube
Pic credit: @WheelOfFortune/YouTube

“Hopefully someone will get the million before Pat’s final episode,” they added.

One last comment from a YouTuber read, “It’s gotta happen eventually right? It needs to happen before Pat signs off in June.”

Has a Wheel of Fortune contestant ever won $1 million?

Winning $1 million on Wheel of Fortune is no easy feat.

As @matthewgumball4568 mentioned, it’s been a decade since a player walked away a millionaire on Wheel of Fortune.

Sarah Manchester was the most recent contestant, winning the $1 million prize back in 2014 and becoming the third player in history to do so.

The first time a player won $1 million on Pat and Vanna’s stage was in 2008 when Michelle Loewenstein Moore walked away $1,026,080 richer.

Then, in 2013, Autumn Erhard took home the $1 million grand prize after she successfully guessed the final Bonus Round phrase.

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