Wheel of Fortune viewers outraged over category misnomer: ‘Poorly worded’

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Pat Sajak and Vanna White are co-hosting their final season together on Wheel of Fortune. Pic credit: ©

Wheel of Fortune fans are debating whether a recent clue was included in the proper category.

Longtime viewers know that Wheel of Fortune has featured a variety of categories over the years.

In the early seasons of Wheel of Fortune, viewers became familiar with categories such as “Person,” “Place,” and “Thing,” and over the years, many more have been added.

These days, it’s not uncommon to see Wheel of Fortune contestants solving puzzles in categories such as “Food & Drink,” “Fun & Games,” “On The Map,” and “Event(s).”

During a recent episode of Wheel of Fortune, a Rancho Cucamonga, California-based contestant named Deanna took her turn on stage to try and solve a puzzle in the “Events” category.

Deanna’s letter choices left the board to read, “THE   _ OST   BEAUTI_UL   SUNSETS,” and she could confidently solve the puzzle, “The Most Beautiful Sunsets.”

Wheel of Fortune viewers agree that a recent puzzle’s category was misleading

Deanna ended up winning a total of $22,100, but for some Wheel of Fortune viewers, it wasn’t Deanna’s performance that caught their attention during the episode.

On Reddit, one Wheel of Fortune viewer contested the category name “Events.”

According to their estimation, “The Most Beautiful Sunsets” doesn’t classify as an actual event and is a misleading category name.

The annoyed fan named their Reddit post “Is ‘The Most Beautiful Sunsets’ really considered an event? No way IMO.”

They conducted a survey in their post, asking fellow Wheel of Fortune viewers to vote either “Yes” or “No” to indicate whether they believe that “The Most Beautiful Sunsets” qualifies as an event.

As it turned out, the majority of the 51 voters agreed with Reddit user u/drinkinggingerale, accounting for 35 “No” votes and just 16 “Yes” votes.

wheel of fortune viewers voted on reddit regarding a recent category misnomer
Redditors voted, and the majority agreed that “The Most Beautiful Sunsets” is not an event. Pic credit: u/drinkinggingerale/Reddit

In the comments, other Redditors speculated why the category name was used.

“I think it’s borderline? Sunset is defined as a specific time, so I’d say Events is fine,” one Wheel of Fortune viewer began.

“They did the same puzzle as Events back in Season 34, but they classified THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SUNSET EVER back in Season 32 as Thing,” they continued. “Every other time since Season 32 had any type of sunset classified as Event.”

wheel of fortune viewers commented on reddit regarding a recent category misnomer
Redditors commented as to why they disagree with the Wheel of Fortune category description. Pic credit: u/drinkinggingerale/Reddit

Another Redditor added their two cents, calling out the “poor” wording for the category name.

“I think they meant watching the sunset as being an event but worded it poorly,” they wrote. “Oh well!”

Wheel of Fortune were critics angered over another category misnomer

This is the second time Wheel of Fortune viewers have voiced their annoyance this month, taking aim at the show’s writers.

As Monsters and Critics also reported, disgruntled Wheel of Fortune fans griped over a “Rhyme Time” clue they believed didn’t rhyme.

When the puzzle in question was solved, the answer was “Absolutely Positively.”

While most felt that the words were similar — both are adverbs ending in the letters “LY” — they were adamant that they didn’t rhyme and shouldn’t have been chosen for the “Rhyme Time” category.

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2 months ago

Some Wheel viewers need to get a life if they that upset over a category not fitting their way of thinking. It’s a game show.