Wheel of Fortune viewers outraged at ‘Rhyme Time’ puzzle: ‘This doesn’t rhyme!’

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Wheel of Fortune viewers weren’t shy about expressing their anger. Pic credit: ©

Wheel of Fortune fans are unhappy with the game show’s writers after a “Rhyme Time” puzzle failed to deliver.

As longtime Wheel of Fortune viewers are aware, the game’s puzzles appear in certain categories, such as “Before and After,” “Around the House,” “Food and Drink,” “Phrases,” and in recent years, “Rhyme Time.”

As the category implies, the “Rhyme Time” category means the words in the puzzle must sound the same, typically with the same ending sound.

During a recent episode of Wheel of Fortune, contestants competed to solve a two-word puzzle in the “Rhyme Time” category.

When contestant Jill, an elementary school teacher, spun the wheel, she chose the letter “Y,” leaving the board to read, “A _ S _ L U T E LY _ _ S _ T _ _ E L Y.”

Jill decided to try and solve the puzzle, telling host Pat Sajak her answer, “Absolutely Positively,” which was the correct answer.

Wheel of Fortune contestant successfully solves ‘Rhyme Time’ puzzle

“That’s it, yeah,” Pat confirmed.

“And you are absolutely, positively going to the island of St. Maarten!” Pat added as Jill excitedly shrieked after learning she’d won an all-inclusive trip to the Caribbean island.

While Jill expressed her excitement over her puzzle win, Wheel of Fortune viewers at home were less than thrilled because they couldn’t get past the fact that “Absolutely Positively” was considered a rhyming phrase.

Viewers lash out at Wheel of Fortune writers as they contest ‘Rhyme Time’ clue

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), fans of the show expressed their annoyance.

“Rhyme Time on Wheel of Fortune and the puzzle answer was ‘Absolutely Positively,'” began one dismayed viewer. “Don’t piss me off 🙄.”

“Absolutely positively not rhyme time, wheel of fortune,” complained another.

Another X user asked whether “Absolutely Positively” rhymes and answered their question: ” Absolutely, positively NO!!!”

“I’m calling horse s**t on ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY being [the] answer in a Rhyme Time category,” read another complaint.

wheel of fortune viewers express disappointment on X following a recent episode
Wheel fans weigh in. Pic credit: @v__elise/@erickamericka/@starkd1248/@PaulJParmelee/X

“SERIOUSLY???” queried another Wheel of Fortune viewer in disbelief.

“Does not rhyme…” penned @TwinsJake, who added a screenshot of the puzzle.

“Absolutely and positively do not rhyme!!” griped @FunSince1971.

Others grumbled that the puzzle didn’t rhyme, with one such complainer adding the hashtag #RhymeTimeMyA**.

Jill’s appearance on Wheel of Fortune was profitable, earning her $62,205 worth of cash and prizes, including her trip to St. Maarten and a Ford sedan.

Wheel of Fortune fans aren’t afraid to call out Pat Sajak, contestants, or the show’s writers

Wheel of Fortune viewers haven’t been shy about voicing their complaints on social media.

This time, they protested the Wheel of Fortune writers and, in recent months, have also taken aim at the contestants for failing to solve what they’ve deemed easy puzzles and called out Pat Sajak for costing players a win.

Longtime host Pat has also been vocal about his dismay when contestants have fallen short, too, but he won’t have to conceal his exasperation much longer.

That’s because following Season 41 of Wheel of Fortune, he’s hanging up his hat for good as the show’s host and another television legend, Ryan Seacrest, will take over the reins.

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