Wheel of Fortune viewers confused as Jared Leto steps in for Pat Sajak in ‘poorly produced’ prank

jared leto pat sajak
Wheel of Fortune played an April Fools Day prank on viewers involving actor Jared Leto. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency/HenryMcGee/Lane

Wheel of Fortune producers had some fun with an April Fools’ Day prank that had viewers scratching their heads.

Monday, April 1, marked a day where playing tricks and practical jokes are expected and celebrated.

The writers at Wheel of Fortune got in on the fun by swapping out longtime host Pat Sajak with a fill-in who threw viewers for a loop.

The show kicked off Monday night per usual, with veteran tile-turner Vanna White stepping out arm-in-arm with the host of Wheel of Fortune … only it wasn’t Pat on Vanna’s arm.

Vanna was joined by Academy Award-winning actor and musician Jared Leto as the duo graced the Wheel of Fortune stage.

Wheel of Fortune’s announcer bellowed, “Here are the stars of our show, Jared Leto and Vanna White!” confusing audience members and viewers alike.

Jared Leto steps in for Pat Sajak in an April Fools’ Day prank

As Jared and Vanna parted ways, he told her, “Have a great show and see you soon,” before taking his spot where Pat Sajak typically starts each show.

Jared looked at the three contestants, telling them, “All right everybody, grab those devices. It’s time to give away some money. It’s $1,000 in our first toss-up. The category is ‘On the Map.'”

It seemed as though Jared would be hosting the entire show, but his cameo abruptly ended when Pat took over without explanation to finish out the episode.

As the episode aired, Wheel of Fortune viewers at home expressed their confusion on social media.

Pat Sajak’s temporary replacement baffles Wheel of Fortune viewers

Over on X (formerly Twitter), one fan of the popular weeknight game show asked, “Jared Leto on Wheel of Fortune?” along with a clip of his and Vanna’s opening segment.

“Wheel of Fortune, Tripping out America today, with???? Jared Leto?????” wrote another viewer.

Another Wheel of Fortune fan thought they were having a “fever dream” when they saw Jared in Pat’s place.

“Deada** hallucinating cuz Jared Leto was on wheel of fortune and then gone the next second,” they added.

Someone else called Jared’s appearance “weirdly random!”

On Reddit, Wheel of Fortune fans discussed the host swap, and again, the consensus was that the April Fools’ prank was confusing.

“Yeah April Fools. Had me confused so hard,” expressed one Redditor.

Another wrote, “It was so random I had to rewind I thought I missed something.”

redditors comment on jared leto appearing on wheel of fortune
Redditors were confused by Jared Leto’s appearance on Wheel of Fortune. Pic credit: u/pluckvermont/Reddit

Reddit user u/allthingsmn wasn’t impressed by the temporary takeover and felt it could have been better executed.

“A poorly produced April Fools joke,” they called the prank. “They should have acknowledged Pat taking over. It was weird.”

Although Jared Leto’s cameo appearance had Wheel of Fortune viewers confused and apprehensive for a minute, have no fear — Pat’s replacement has already been named.

Following Season 41 of Wheel of Fortune, Pat will retire, and upon the debut of Season 42, TV icon Ryan Seacrest will take over the reins.

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