Wheel of Fortune viewers are ‘dying laughing’ with second-hand embarrassment at contestant’s puzzle blunder

pat sajak new york city 2008
Pat Sajak continues to host Wheel of Fortune for his 41st and final season. Pic credit: © Mcgee-Globe Photos, Inc.

Although it’s no fun for the losing game show contestant, sometimes wrong answers are amusing.

That was the case during a recent Wheel of Fortune episode in which a competitor came up with an answer that got a rise out of viewers.

Gishma Tabari, an Encino, California, resident, competed in the Triple Toss-Up round during her appearance on the popular weeknight game show.

The category was “Show Biz,” and Gishma felt ready to solve the puzzle when the letters left on the board were “TH _ /  _ RITI _ S /  _ GR _ E.”

After buzzing in with certainty, Gishma took a stab at the puzzle and provided Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak with her answer.

“The British Ogre” was Gishma’s hilariously incorrect guess.

Wheel of Fortune contestant’s incorrect answer baffles host Pat Sajak

Pat seemed surprised and confused by Gishma’s answer, so he asked her to repeat it.

Once again, Gishma responded, “The British Ogre.”

“Uh, no,” was Pat’s reply.

The round continued following Gishma’s erroneous answer, and eventually, a correct answer came from Gishma’s fellow contestant, Lora Stamps.

“The Critics Agree” turned out to be the correct response.

Following the episode, amused Wheel of Fortune viewers headed to X, formerly Twitter, to crack jokes about Gishma’s puzzle answer.

Wheel of Fortune viewers got a kick out of the incorrect response

“‘Oi, you best be off my swamp, mate, before I get properly cheesed off!’ -The British Ogre,” joked one Wheel of Fortune fan.

Another fan poked fun at Gishma’s segment, tweeting, “This girl guessed ‘The British Ogre’ on wheel of fortune and the second hand embarrassment was overwhelming.”

“She wouldn’t even look at the camera for a sec,” the tweet continued. “I feel bad but man that s**t was funny.”

Another jokingly asked, “What? You’ve never heard of the British Ogre?”

wheel of fortune fans react to gishma tabari's incorrect response on twitter
Wheel of Fortune viewers had a field day poking fun at Gishma’s incorrect response. Pic credit: @iamem89/@JeffreyThumser/@iamem89

Along with a clip of the scene, one X user razzed Gishma’s answer, poking fun at the category and quipped, “This woman just guessed this puzzle as The British Ogre dying laughing. So many British Ogres in show biz.”

Wheel of Fortune viewers continue to chide contestants’ incorrect puzzle guesses

Wheel of Fortune fans have recently had fun mocking contestants’ wrong answers.

After all three contestants failed to come up with a correct answer during a toss-up puzzle in Wheel of Fortune’s “Secret Santa Holiday Giveaway” week, their critics let them know they were less than impressed.

Calling out the seemingly simple puzzle answer, some Wheel of Fortune viewers called the contestants “morons” and accused them of not being able to read and passing up a quick and easy $1,000.

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