Wheel of Fortune ‘sweethearts’ share their love stories with Maggie Sajak

maggie sajak wheel of fortune Instagram Reel
Maggie records a Reel for Wheel of Fortune’s Instagram page. Pic credit: @wheeloffortune/Instagram

Maggie Sajak had the pleasure of speaking with Wheel of Fortune contestants following the game show’s Sweetheart’s Week.

The special episodes were in honor of the most romantic day of the year — Valentine’s Day — and instead of individuals competing against each other, couples faced off at the wheel.

Several couples competed for cash and prizes, including Greg and Tom, Amy and Joe, Christy and Trent, Karen and Seth, and Dameron and Drew, who also spoke with The Spin’s Maggie Sajak following their episodes.

Tom and Greg were the first couple to meet up with Maggie after their appearance and shared how they met.

Greg joked that he and Tom exchanged numbers, and after that, Tom wouldn’t stop calling or texting him, and eventually, Greg agreed to go out with him.

Not only did they share their love story with Maggie, but Tom and Greg earned themselves a trip to France, a dream of theirs, and joked they would “eat their way around” the food mecca.

Pat Sajak’s daughter, Maggie Sajak, interviews Wheel of Fortune contestants during Sweetheart’s Week

Joe and Amy were up next and dished on how they met in junior high school.

Although they weren’t romantically linked in their younger years, fate brought them together years later at a party in their 20s.

“And we’ve been inseparable since then,” Amy shared and agreed with Maggie that it was “love at second sight” between her and Joe.

Christy and Trent’s love story didn’t exactly start on the right foot, but they ended up together.

As Trent shared, he actually went on a date with Christy’s sister, but halfway through the date, she suggested that Trent date her sister instead.

“She was definitely right,” Trent admitted.

In an interesting twist, Christie shared that her sister — who was in the audience that evening — ended up marrying Trent’s best friend.

Dameron and Drew were another couple to share their love story with Maggie.

As it turned out, they met by chance while Dameron was browsing a dating app at a restaurant, and Drew just so happened to be there, too.

Karen and Seth, who met 42 years ago, were set up on a blind date, of all things, but their chemistry matched up, and they’ve made it for the long haul.

Maggie’s role on Wheel of Fortune

As Wheel of Fortune’s social correspondent, Maggie Sajak, the daughter of legendary host Pat Sajak, is responsible for “exclusive digital content and behind-the scenes looks at what makes the Wheel go ‘round.”

Per Wheel of Fortune’s website, “That includes access to backstage activity; interviews with players, celebrities, staff and crew; and sneak-peeks at upcoming events.”

With Maggie’s dad, Pat, saying goodbye to the Wheel of Fortune franchise after Season 41, viewers have speculated that she might be filling her father’s shoes, or better yet, Vanna White’s.

But it appears that Maggie will keep her position, which she’s held since 2021, and work alongside the illustrious Vanna White and her new co-host-to-be, Ryan Seacrest, who takes over Pat’s reins later this year for the commencement of Season 42.

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