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Wheel of Fortune mistake: Contestant Angela Evans ripped on Twitter after supposed error, but confirms she DID say ‘D’

Wheel of Fortune mistake
Angela Evans solves a puzzle on Wheel of Fortune. Pic credit: CBS

The long-running television game show Wheel of Fortune has always been a target for fans calling out mistakes. This happened last night with contestant Angela Evans.

Most of the “mistakes” that people highlight are due to accents and linguistic differences based on what part of the country a person is from.

On last night’s episode, the mistake was telling the difference between a “B” and a “D” — and Monsters and Critics has the exclusive final word on the debate raging across social media today.

Angela Evans “mistake”

Whether or not Wheel of Fortune made a mistake with contestant Angela Evans is determined by what different viewers heard when she asked for her letter.

This was Veteran Week on Wheel of Fortune but fans at home, and specifically those that love to call out mistakes on Twitter, didn’t give these veterans a break.

When Angela was trying to solve a puzzle, she asked for the letter “D” and when Pat Sajak gave it to her, she solved the puzzle: “DRINKING FROM A COCONUT.”

However, a lot of people at home believe she asked for a “B” and not a “D” and accused Wheel of Fortune of making a mistake.

Listen to the moment here:

Then, it happened again.

When Angela was in the bonus round, she gave her three consonants and a vowel as “B, H, D, A.” Pat made sure she said “D” but at home, fans claimed she said “B, H, B, A.”

While it makes no sense that she would say the “B” twice, because some fans heard it they assumed Wheel of Fortune made a mistake to help Angela, even though there was no B or D in the final puzzle.

Monsters & Critics was also able to exclusively clear up the debate today after speaking with Angela, who confirmed that she did, in fact, say “D”, but admitted that her southern accent and braces hadn’t helped her case with those listening at home.

Past mistakes on Wheel of Fortune

In 2012, there was a huge Wheel of Fortune error that cost contestant Renee Durette almost $4,000.

She spoke the word in “vernacular” so it was ruled illegal since it has to be spoken “exact.”

She said “SEVEN SWANS A-SWIMMIN'”, but she lost because it should have been “Swimming.”

Wheel of Fortune said at the time that they had to “protect against regional dialects.”

In the case of the latest Wheel of Fortune mistake, it was a woman who likely said D, and even though fans claim she pronounced it as a “B,” they seemingly felt she should have been penalized as well.

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