Wheel of Fortune fans ‘sick and tired’ of contestants missing ‘easy layups’ in Bonus Round: ‘Worst ever series’

pat sajak vanna white Hollywood Walk of Fame
Pat and Vanna are co-hosting their last episodes together before Pat retires from Wheel of Fortune. Pic credit: ©

Contestants have been facing some trouble solving Bonus Round puzzles lately, and Wheel of Fortune fans are growing tired of seeing it.

During a recent episode of Wheel of Fortune, a contestant named Manisha Grant faced off against her competitors and earned herself a trip to the Bonus Round.

Manisha opted for the “What Are You Doing?” category, and after Vanna White revealed the customary letters, her consonant and vowel choices were presented on the puzzle board.

After unveiling all of the letters, Manisha was left with a puzzle that seemed easily solvable.

“_ R A P P _ N G / S _ _ E / G _ _ T S” was what Manisha had to work with, as host Pat Sajak started her 10-second timer and wished her good luck.

Manisha sounded out a few possible solutions, but when her time was up, she hadn’t come up with the correct solution: “Wrapping Some Gifts.”

Manisha misses out on $40,000 in her Bonus Round

Pat told Manisha that perhaps she was looking for something “a little trickier” than the correct answer before revealing how much cash it cost her.

But before he did so, Pat joked with the judges that perhaps that could give her two-thirds of the prize money since she was “so darn close”… but in this case, it was close but no cigar for Manisha.

Pat opened the prize envelope to reveal that Manisha’s inability to solve the puzzle cost her a whopping $40,000 in cash.

While Manisha was bummed that she missed out on a big payout, Wheel of Fortune viewers watching her Bonus Round from home were possibly even more distressed.

Wheel of Fortune viewers want to see more effort from contestants

In the comments section of a YouTube clip of Manisha’s segment, Wheel of Fortune critics griped about yet another loss for a contestant in the Bonus Round.

“Oh, brother… that was so easy, too,” @loveforeignaccents expressed.

Another Wheel watcher wrote, “Worst ever series of Wheel of fortune history.”

wheel of fortune viewers complained on youtube in the comments section
Pic credit: @WheelOfFortune/YouTube

“I hate it when that happens!” added another fan of the show.

“Just another [disappointed] bonus round Period!!” grumbled @GaryJones-jh1jg.

Mentioning some recent Wheel of Fortune Bonus Round losses in addition to Manisha’s, yet another critic complained about the lack of wins in recent weeks.

“I’m sick and tired of seeing players this season miss such easy layups in the Bonus Round,” @BrakusJPSGameShows chimed in, asking, “How many is that now?”

Wheel watchers are growing increasingly fed up with the show’s gameplay

In addition to complaining about the lack of wins in the Bonus Rounds as of late, Wheel of Fortune viewers have also moaned about the shortage of $1 million prize envelopes for contestants.

With Pat Sajak’s official retirement just around the corner, many are hopeful that at least one lucky Wheel of Fortune contestant will see a $1 million prize envelope and successfully solve their puzzle to take home the big prize.

It would put an end to a 10-year drought, something Wheel of Fortune viewers think will happen eventually before Pat tires.

As one YouTuber recently voiced, “It’s gotta happen eventually right? It needs to happen before Pat signs off in June.”

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