Wheel of Fortune fans applaud contestant who broke the Bonus Round losing streak: ‘Finally!’

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This is Vanna White and Pat Sajak’s final season hosting Wheel of Fortune together. Pic credit: ©

Wheel of Fortune contestants have had a rough go lately during their Bonus Rounds, but that changed this week.

A contestant named Cynthia earned herself a spot in the Bonus Round and opted to guess a puzzle in the “Phrase” category.

Between the customary letters provided to her and her own letter choices, Cynthia was left with a board that read, “_ O / Y O _ R S E L _ / _ / _ _ _ O R.”

After Vanna White revealed the letters she was left with, Cynthia gasped as soon as she realized she knew the answer.

Host Pat Sajak reminded Cynthia not to lose her composure before she had a chance to take a crack at the puzzle.

“Okay, hang on now… Everything’s going to be fine. Time hasn’t even started yet. Don’t hyperventilate,” Pat told Cynthia, garnering a smile.

Cynthia wasted no time, and the instant her 10-second timer began, she shouted her guess: “Do Yourself A Favor!”

“Yeah, that’s it!” Pat exclaimed as Cynthia began to celebrate emphatically.

Cynthia breaks the losing streak in Wheel of Fortune’s Bonus Rounds

Pat revealed the prize card, and as it turned out, Cynthia won big, earning herself $40,000 on top of a cruise she’d already won earlier in the game.

Cynthia’s family rushed on stage to congratulate her as announcer Jim Thornton told her she was in a “rain forest of cash.”

All in all, Cynthia’s cash and prize wins totaled $83,842.

Cynthia’s winning moment was shared on Wheel of Fortune’s YouTube page, garnering nearly 29,000 views and plenty of praise in the comments section.

Wheel of Fortune fans were just as excited as Cynthia for her big win since it’s been a hot minute since a contestant has taken home any cash during a Bonus Round, and they let her know it in the comments section.

Wheel of Fortune viewers congratulate Cynthia

“Finally the Bonus Round Losing Streak is OVER! Way to go Cynthia!” wrote @DragoonSV.

wheel of fortune viewers comment on youtube about cynthia's bonus round
Wheel of Fortune fans weigh in. Pic credit: @wheeloffortune/YouTube

Another fan celebrated Cynthia’s win, writing, “Yay! We finally got a bonus round winner today!”

“Finally, after a lousy seven show losing streak someone pulls through with a win in the Bonus Round,” @justinmiddleton8818 asserted.

“Good on her for breaking the just over week long lack of wins. Now lets keep it up and hopefully avoid any [Bonus Round] shutouts for a while.”

Cynthia expresses her gratitude to Maggie Sajak

After her big win, Cynthia spoke with Wheel of Fortune’s Social Correspondent, Maggie Sajak, and shared how excited she was to be on the show.

“I’ve been wanting to be on Wheel of Fortune for over 30 years, so for me to come and accomplish what I accomplished, I’m just so excited and grateful for the opportunity to have this last year with your dad,” Cynthia told Maggie.

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