Wheel of Fortune fan claims would-be contestants are rejected for being ‘too good’ at the game

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This is Vanna White and Pat Sajak’s final year working together on Wheel of Fortune. Pic credit: ©

Apparently, potential Wheel of Fortune contestants can be rejected during tryouts for being “too good” at the game.

That’s what one Wheel of Fortune viewer claims, anyway.

On X (formerly Twitter), @KaelanRamos reacted to a video of a Wheel of Fortune contestant who “choked” on a seemingly easy puzzle.

In the clip, a contestant named Khushi was presented with a puzzle in the “Food and Drink” category that only needed one more letter to solve.

The puzzle read, “F R E _ H / T R O P I C A L / F R U I T,” and instead of choosing the obvious “S,” Khushi opted for the letter “G,” coming up short and missing out on cash prizes.

In response, Kaelan shared a story about his mom being “rejected” by Wheel of Fortune producers for being so adept at the puzzle game show.

“Fun fact: My mom went and tried out for Wheel of Fortune back in the 90s. We watched taped recordings together and rented the SNES game to practice,” he began his tweet.

Hopeful Wheel of Fortune contestant rejected for being ‘too good at the game’

“She got rejected during the tryout because she was too good at the game.”

Kaelan continued to explain, “I can very vividly remember her describing how she aced everything in her group and thought for sure she would get it.”

“So yeah, when you see these videos of people missing obvious puzzles, keep in mind they weren’t chosen based on their skill level,” he concluded.

News outlets want to learn more about the story, but the rejected contestant fears the ‘Pat Sajak mafia’

Kaelan’s post on X caught the attention of several media outlets, who have reached out to him to share more of his story about his mom being “too good” at Wheel of Fortune to make it onto the ABC show.

He uploaded a screenshot of a DM from a Newsweek reporter interested in gathering more specific information for a potential story.

But, as far as Kaelan is concerned, he’s not interested, nor would his mom be, in sharing any more of their story with the public.

“Appreciate all the media outlets reaching out, but my mom is old, retired, and happily secluded in a forest somewhere,” he wrote.

“I don’t need the Pat Sajak Mafia to come after her (they wouldn’t survive).”

In response to Kaelan’s post, others spoke out and agreed with his sentiment.

Wheel of Fortune viewers agree with Kaelan’s statements

“It’s like casinos banning you if you are too lucky,” one of Kaelan’s followers surmised.

Another Wheel of Fortune viewer shared their hypothesis.

“If they get people who are too good and win everything 1. They’ll actually have to give the huge amount of money they dangle like a carrot,” they wrote, adding, “2. The people at home won’t be as satisfied with being ‘smarter’ than the people on the TV screen.”

wheel of fortune viewers comment on kaelan ramos' tweet
Pic credit: @GothHelm/@AromaseraphyA/@Cicksfygeur/X

“Like how american idol picks some people just to mock em at tryouts, yeah :(,” read another reply.

Here’s how to apply to become a contestant on Wheel of Fortune

So, what is the process to become a contestant on Wheel of Fortune and share the stage with iconic hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White?

According to the game show’s website, prospective contestants must fill out an online application, uploading their name, email address, date of birth, home address, gender, and a photo and/or video “of one minute or less telling us why you’d make a great contestant.”

If applicants are selected, they’re contacted to set up a virtual audition from the comfort of their own home.

Applicants are discouraged from looking like they’ve “just rolled out of bed” or telling producers that being on Wheel of Fortune is on their bucket list.

They are encouraged, however, to smile, be themselves, let their “unique selves shine,” and show producers their “fun, excited, fan energy.”

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