What TV shows are coming to Amazon Prime in February 2019?

The ABC Murders
The ABC Murders will be going on Amazon Prime in February. Pic credit: Amazon Prime

Amazon is starting to release some Prime Original series and movies to keep up with the growing demand for online streaming services. In February 2019, Amazon Prime members can enjoy a few new original shows, including a new crime documentary series.

February 1

Starting February 1, Amazon Prime viewers can enjoy Seasons 1 through 5 of In Plain Sight, and Season 3 of the Amazon Prime Original, Just Add Magic. Viewers will also get Season 1 of the new Prime Original series, Agatha Christie Presents: ABC Murders.

February 5

On February 5, Amazon Prime members will be treated to Season 3 of The Tunnel, which will be uploaded to the streaming service.

The Tunnel appears to be a crime show from late 2017 and seems to have a similar plot to the Danish television show, The Bridge, which in Danish is known as Broen. While we couldn’t find the third season trailer, here’s a look back at Season 1.

February 6

Hillary Season 1 will be uploaded to Amazon’s streaming service on the 6th of February.

appears that IMDB only has one television show by the name of Hillary, a show from 2016 with a single season. The show is a biography of Sir Edmund Hillary, who rebels against his strict family and decides to climb mountains.

February 8

White Dragon is another Amazon Prime Original series that’s coming to the streaming service. This one is an interesting pick for those who really love thrillers, mysteries, and everything in between.

A man’s wife appears to go missing and he struggles to learn the truth about her, including how she may have been married to someone else.

February 15

While Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating love, the day after Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to watch a crime documentary about a relationship gone wrong.

Amazon Prime is releasing the story of Lorena Bobbitt, who sliced off her husband’s penis in 1993, claiming years of abuse led her to do it.

This documentary tells the real story about the incident and tries to answer the questions as to why this could happen.

February 22

This Giant Beast That is the Global Economy is an 8-part documentary series that discusses the global economy and makes it easy to digest for viewers.

Kal Penn guides the viewers through the documentary, which comes from Adam McKay and Will Ferrell. And they try to make the topic of global economics funny.

There are quite a few shows coming to Amazon Prime’s streaming service in February, whether you are watching a new season of a beloved show or want to watch something completely new.

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