What time is Criminal Minds on tonight: Final season starts with two-hour premiere

What time is Criminal Minds on tonight
Criminal Minds begins its final season tonight. Pic credit: CBS

The final season of Criminal Minds premieres tonight and it is time to prepare to say goodbye to the characters we have fallen in love with over the last 14 seasons.

Not only that, but Criminal Minds tonight is a two-hour premiere, so the time is different than many fans are used to. Here is what you need to know.

What time is Criminal Minds on tonight?

Tonight’s episodes of Criminal Minds starts at 9/8c and it will be a two-hour premiere that kicks off a 10-episode final 15th season of the hit series.

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There are a total of 10 episodes that are scheduled to take place during Season 15 of the show, so it is shorter than a typical year of the program. The final episode of Criminal Minds airs on February 19 with a two-hour finale.

That is only seven weeks. So it is going to go by quickly and fans do not want to miss a week of the action.

What network is Criminal Minds on?

Criminal Minds airs on CBS.

For fans of SEAL Team, the reason its midseason break lasts all the way until February 26 is because Criminal Minds is having its final season in its time frame.

Once Criminal Minds closes the door for the final time, SEAL Team is back for its fans.

What is the final Criminal Minds season about?

Fans who have been watching recent seasons know that there is one un-sub that has always gotten away.

Season 15 of Criminal Minds will see the BAU finally get a lead and bring down The Chameleon. This is one un-sub that TV Line claims is the “Joker” to Rossi’s “Batman.”

There will also be the eventual resolution to JJ and Spencer and their relationship, as well as Spencer finally getting a nice moment with his mom, who will have a moment of lucidity this final season.

Criminal Minds airs at 9/8c tonight on CBS.

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