What is every key in Netflix’s Locke & Key series and what do they do?

What is every key in Netflix's Locke & Key series and what do they do?
The Head Key used by Dodge. Pic credit: Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

Locke & Key hit Netflix today and told the story of a giant Key House, a familial estate that happens to be full of magical keys that the Locke children find.

However, the keys are not toys and a demon wants to capture them for itself, with only the three kids there to stop it.

Here is a look at every key in the first season of Locke & Key on Netflix and what they do.

Locke & Key: Anywhere Key

The first key that young Bode found was the Anywhere Key. This key did what it proclaims — a person puts it in the lock of a door and when they open it, they go to where they were thinking.

This means that Bode was able to put it in the closet door and wish for the ice cream store, and when he walked through, he was at the ice cream parlor.

However, a person can only go to a place they can see, which is why Bode couldn’t take Kinsey to the Eifel Tower to prove to her it was real.

Locke & Key: Head Key

The Head Key in the Netflix version of Locke & Key was even cooler than the creepy version from the Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez comic books.

In the comics, a person put the key in their head and then took off their skull. People could look into the skull and see everything in their imagination and memories.

The Netflix series smartly changed that for a live-action version and had a door familiar to the person (their old home for older brother Tyler, a chest with a stairway down for Bode).

It is here that the characters can see old memories, share them with each other, and it even allowed Kinsey to make a very questionable decision.

Locke & Key: Mirror Key

The Mirror Key is one that is simply a weapon or a trap. Placed in a mirror, the Mirror Key then has a person’s own reflection that asks them to follow it into the mirror.

However, once in the mirror, the person can’t get back out on their own and many people have died trapped in the mirror.

Locke & Key: Fire Key

The Fire Key was one that Dodge had before the kids, picked up at the house of one of their dad’s old friends. It does what it claims — it starts a massive fire to anything that it touches.

Locke & Key: Ghost Key

In the comics, the Ghost Key didn’t work out well for Bode. However, his story changed somewhat in the Netflix series.

Instead, Bode was able to be the first to use the Ghost Key, where his body dropped in a dead-like state and Bode was able to fly around the grounds as a ghost.

Locke & Key: Echo Key

To say too much about the Echo Key would be to go too far into spoilers. The Echo Key is supposed to bring back someone who has died. It doesn’t always work the way you might hope.

Locke & Key: Shadow Key

The Shadow Key works with the Crown of Shadows and allows the user to control shadows as beings that can be used as blunt force weapons to go into battle.

In the comics, it created one of the greatest visual scenes that Rodriguez drew. In the Netflix series, they brought horror moments.

Locke & Key: Mending Key

This is the name of the key used in the Mending Cabinet in Key House. Put something broken in there and use the key and it will fix it. However, not everything can be fixed.

Locke & Key: Music Box Key

The Music Box Key played a large role early in the Netflix series of Locke & Key. Basically, in the comics, it caused people to fall under the control of the key user of whoever hears the music.

The TV series changed it up, so a person didn’t need to hear the music and the keyholder could control anyone they wanted while they are using it, even from a distance.

Locke & Key: Skin Key / Gender Key

The Skin Key in the comics allows a person to change their skin color and the Gender Key allows them to change their gender.

These were eliminated in the Netflix original series and replaced by one key that allowed a user to change their appearance into anything they wanted to look like — including someone else.

Locke & Key: The Tree Key

The key used in the tree wasn’t part of the comic book storyline. However, in the Netflix series, it was used to store and hide memories taken out of someone’s head.

Locke & Key: Omega Key

This was the biggie at the end of the Netflix version of Locke & Key. This is the key that opened the door to the world of demons — the one where Dodge came from many years before.

All 10 episodes of Locke & Key are currently streaming on Netflix.

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