What/If on Netflix cast: Renée Zellweger, Jane Levy and Blake Jenner star

Renee Zellweger in What/If
Renee Zellweger plays mysterious venture capitalist Anne in What/If. Pic credit: Netflix

What/If, an anthology thriller series created by Mike Kelley, recently premiered on Netflix.

The 10-episode Season 1 is executive produced by Kelley (Revenge, One Tree Hill, The OC), Melissa Loy, Alex Gartner, Charles Roven, Phillip Noyce, David Graziano, Robert Zemeckis, and Jack Rapke.

Page Fright, Atlas Entertainment, Compari Entertainment, and Warner Bros. Television, are the production companies involved in the series.

According to the creators, the anthology series explores “the ripple effects of what happens when acceptable people start doing unacceptable things.”

Each season of the anthology series will “tackle a different morality tale inspired by culturally consequential source material and the power of a single fateful decision to change the trajectory of an entire life.”

What/If Season 1 tells the story of a venture capitalist who makes a “lucrative, but dubious offer” to induce “a cash-strapped pair of San Francisco newlyweds” to commit heinous acts.

What/If on Netflix cast

The series stars Renée Zellweger, Jane Levy, Blake Jenner, Daniella Pineda, Keith Powers, Samantha Ware, Dave Annable, and John Clarence Stewart.

Renée Zellweger stars in What/If Season 1 as Anne, a mysterious benefactor described as a “shrewd and mercurial San Francisco venture capitalist” who makes a tempting offer to a “cash-strapped pair of San Francisco newlyweds.”

Zellweger is best known for her role as Bridget Jones in the Bridget Jones film series. She is also known for her role as Mary Lou in A Taste for Killing (1992).

She played her first starring role as Jenny in  Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (1994). She played Roxie Hart in Chicago (2002) and Betty in Nurse Betty (2000).

Zellweger has received several Academy Awards and Golden Globe Award nominations for her roles in various films. She has also won multiple Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards, including an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her role in Cold Mountain (2003), Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture (4) for her role in Chicago (2002) and Nurse Betty (2000).

Jane Levy (Diane Torrance in HBO’s Castle Rock, The Evil Dead, Don’t Breathe) stars as Lisa and Blake Jenner (Glee, Everybody Wants Someone, The Edge of Seventeen, American Animals) as her husband Sean. Lisa and Sean are the cash-strapped newlyweds who receive a tempting offer from Zellweger’s character Anne.

Lisa owns the biotech startup Emigen Molecular Sequencing, while her husband Sean is an emergency medical technician.

Other main cast members are Keith Powers (The New Edition Story, Straight Outta Compton) as Sean’s EMT colleague Todd Archer.

Samantha Ware (Glee) plays Todd’s medical doctor wife Angela, Juan Castano (Shades of Blue, Wilde Wedding, The OA) plays Lisa’s brother Marcos, and Daniella Pineda (Sophie Devereaux in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, Officer Julia Diaz in Homeland, Ruby Simms in American Odyssey) plays Emigen CFO, Cassidy Barrett.

Others include Louis Herthum (Peter Abernathy in Westworld) as Foster, Dave Annable (Henry Martin in 666 Park Avenue, Pierce Harrison in Heartbeat) as Dr. Evans, and John Clarence Stewart (Alex Wesley in Luke Cage, Officer Griffin Katz in Gotham) as Lionel.


Netflix dropped the teaser trailer for What/If Season 1 in April.

The trailer shows Zellweger’s character Anne making an “offer too extraordinary to refuse” to the cash-strapped newlyweds, Lisa and Sean.

What/If premiered on May 24, 2019, and is currently streaming on Netflix.

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