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What has Cashel been up to since leaving Love Island USA?

How is Cashel since leaving Love Island USA?
Cashel updates fans on how life is after being kicked off Love Island USA. Pic Credit: CBS

It has been a week since Cashel Barnett was booted from Love Island USA. His elimination was shocking and hit the Fiji villa hard.

Kyra pushed Cashel aside days before he left the island. Once he was gone though, she was devastated. Now Kyra claims he is her soulmate. She wants a second chance with him once her time in the villa is up.

Cashel was head over heels for Kyra on Love Island USA, but what about now that he is back home?

The California native is enjoying a little rest and relaxation after all the Fiji drama. He used Instagram to share a heartfelt message with his fans.

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I’m back stateside y’all! It was tough leaving my new friends in the villa but I do love hangin on the beaches of Southern California! Getting my phone back has been a trip. I can’t believe all the love coming through. I’m so grateful to all of the viewers, supporters, haters, lovers, islanders, producers, @loveislandusa @arielle @matthewhoffman.tv my friends, my family, Mother Ocean, Mother Nature, the Sphinx, @tinafey30, my celebrity crush; my Fordham Ramily, my peoples in Sacramento, the amazing people of Fiji and the Bula Spirit, @spoontheband and @lucinda_williams who’s music was constantly playing in my head (I love your guys’ music so much and it kept me going in there as it does everyday), all my new followers and all my old followers (I cant believe y’all are following me) thank you for the support and love. It’s all love coming from me. Peace and love to all. I’m around, holler at me 🤙🏼

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It turns out the aspiring model is doing just fine after getting dumped by Kyra and kicked off the CBS reality TV show. Cashel took the time to thank his friends, his family, and even his celebrity crush, Tina Fey for all their support. He is keeping his positive attitude and looking forward to the future.

The 27-year-old opened up on Entertainment Tonight’s Love After The Island, regarding his romance with Kyra. Cashel admitted they have a deep connection.

Despite their rocky last few days in the villa, he still has feelings for Kyra. There is nothing but love between the two of them.

So, does that mean Cashel is willing to give Kyra a second chance? It certainly looks that way. He said that regardless of her relationship status when she exits the villa, he will be reaching out to her.

The interview was before Kyra’s declaration that Cashel is her soulmate on last night’s episode. These two might just finally be on the same page.

Since leaving Love Island USA, Cashel Barret has been taking some time for himself. He misses all of his friends from the villa and is looking forward to reconnecting with everyone when the show ends next week.

Should Cashel give Kyra another chance?

Love Island USA airs weekdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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