What happened to Weston from Love Island USA?

Why was Weston not on Love Island USA last night?
Weston was missing from Love Island USA due to illness. Pic Credit: CBS

Love Island USA was missing one of the fans’ favorite guys during last night’s episode, Weston Richey. The cowboy did not take part in the disgusting food challenge and barely spent any time with his new female interest, Katrina Dimaranan.

The hilarious narrator did give viewers a short and sweet footnote on why Weston was MIA. It turns out he was not feeling that well. A full explanation for his illness was not shared with fans, but there was a shot of Weston walking to a secluded part of the villa.

Maybe he took some time to rest in the hideaway. Others in the villa probably don’t want to catch whatever kind of sickness has sidelined the Texas stud.

Since Weston was feeling yucky, single Winston took his place at the couple’s food challenge. It was a gross game that was painful to watch but spitting food into Katrina’s mouth apparently gave her a connection to Winston.

The two had a bonding moment after they swapped food and spit. Winston is definitely feeling the brunette beauty.

Unfortunately for Winston, he did not get much alone time with Katrina. Weston returned to the villa just in time for host Arielle Vandenberg to arrive. The hunky cowboy was still looking grim when he met up with the other islanders.

It almost felt as though he was forced by production to get back in the mix. However, despite his feeling under the weather, Weston’s presence was necessary for the next islander ousting. His vote was needed to help shake up life in the Fiji villa.

There haven’t been any further details on Weston’s illness. The reality TV show won’t air again until Monday night. Hopefully, that will give Weston ample time to recoup from whatever is ailing him.

Love Island airs weekdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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