What happened to Marty from Mountain Men and why did he leave the show?

Marty made a decision to leave the popular TV series for now
Marty made a decision to leave the popular TV series for now. Pic credit: History

Family comes first for Marty Meierotto on Mountain Men, as the trapper who normally wages wars with hard-to-catch wolverines is taking a break to teach his daughter how to hunt. It’s his family way of life for real and he plans on sharing his knowledge.

Marty is an independent outdoorsman on the series and every season he was living his life on his own. Marty was building cabins by himself and building trap lines by himself. Now he is taking time for his private life and raising a child the way he sees fit.

It was made clear on last night’s episode that Marty was not returning and instead would focus on his family away from cameras.

Fans love the footage of Tom Oar, Eustace Conway and Marty Meierotto, who live in the wilderness on the popular History Channel series.

The episode last night saw Jake hunt solo for elk meat as Jason took a chance on an experimental smelter while Morgan and Margaret fought a critical water problem. Also, Mike set his sights on Kodiak Island’s most dangerous quarry while fan favorite Marty bid a final farewell.

Fans are upset

Saying goodbye is never easy and that proves true for fans of Mountain Men. Upon learning that Marty Meierotto is exiting the series, many took to social media to share their disappointment that he will no longer be gracing their screens each week.

Mountain Men airs Thursdays at 8/7c on History. 

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3 years ago

Sure will miss Marty. His fierce independent trapping experience that he shared with us will be sorely missed.
He showed Us what real determination to make a living at something he enjoys can be like.
Braving the beautiful Snowy wilderness, flying in and out Each season always kept me on the edge of my seat.
Making it all work with the lack of fancy tools and macGyvering his way out of tough circumstances is something that rarely gets old and blazoning trails, building cabins, trapping, it was exciting and the true spirit of a real Mountain Man.
He’ll be missing it no doubt.